Will BIGBANG be active as a trio with G-Dragon, Taeyang, and Daesung?

As T.O.P confirmed his withdrawal from BIGBANG, there is growing curiosity about the possibility of BIGBANG’s future activities.

On May 31st, T.O.P responded to a comment on his social media asking if he had left BIGBANG, stating, “I already said I withdrew” and “I have been starting a new chapter in my life since last year.” He also uploaded the screenshot of an article that referred to him as “BIGBANG T.O.P” and crossed an “X” over “BIGBANG”, indicating his departure from the group.

Meanwhile, T.O.P’s exclusive contract with YG Entertainment ended in February last year. At the time, YG explained, “We respect T.O.P’s opinion of wanting to expand his personal activities beyond BIGBANG.” 


Afterwards, T.O.P established his own one-person agency called and became its representative. He has since been involved in various unique endeavors, including the wine business and participating in the private moon landing project called “dearMoon.”

YG, which had left the possibility of T.O.P’s future activities with BIGBANG open when his exclusive contract ended, has remained silent on the matter. However, since T.O.P’s exclusive contract with YG has ended, YG’s position is also not important. It is difficult to expect future BIGBANG activities from T.O.P, who has clearly expressed his stance. 

Seungri, another original member of BIGBANG, declared his retirement from the entertainment industry after the Burning Sun scandal broke out in 2019, effectively leaving the group. With T.O.P also announcing his departure, the remaining members filling the name BIGBANG are G-Dragon, Taeyang, and Daesung.


Among these three members, Taeyang has been actively pursuing his solo career. Under YG’s subsidiary label, The Black Label, Taeyang released the mini-album “Down to Earth” in April, which includes the title track “Seed”. He has also gained attention for his collaborations with BTS Jimin on the song “VIBE” (released in January) and BLACKPINK Lisa on the song “Shoong!”. 


Meanwhile, G-Dragon has not been involved in any official entertainment activities after completing his military service. However, in a New Year’s video released by YG Entertainment in January, he mentioned his plans to engage with fans and pursue various activities. He also mentioned that he was preparing an album. Although it has been five months since then and June has arrived, G-Dragon’s current status remains quiet.


Daesung left YG in December last year and established his own one-person agency. In a handwritten letter posted on his YouTube channel at the time, Daesung expressed his unique thoughts about leaving YG. He left open the possibility of BIGBANG’s future activities by ending his letter with the phrase, “Someone said, ‘There is no eternity.’ No. There is. BIGBANG is eternal”.

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Originally a 5-member group, BIGBANG is now effectively a trio, raising questions about whether future activities are possible. In fact, even industry insiders are uncertain. One source mentioned that Taeyang’s solo activities and G-Dragon’s album work may not necessarily include BIGBANG’s music, leading to a pessimistic view of BIGBANG’s future.

Source: Daum

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