“Weird” things that Kpop fans often do

It doesn’t matter if you recently join or have been an “experienced” member in a Kpop fandom, for sure, your love for Kpop as well as your idols is unlimited.

Kpop fans are always serious in everything they do for idols: from screaming loudly their fandom’s slogan and fanchant to support their idols during their performances, to attending fansigns or concerts and even more meaningful events such as raising money for charity on their idol’ birthday or on the anniversary day of their favorite group.
Besides that, however, all of those things are still too “ordinary” compared to what will be summarized as below. No matter how “weird” they are, these things are very cute and for sure, every Kpop fan has done some at least once in their whole life.

Buy anything that includes your idols’ photos.

An album that includes your idol’s photo? You’ll surely buy it. How about a poster to stick on your room’s wall? How can’t you buy it?
Fans don’t hesitate to buy everything from daily and normal object such as glass, T-shirt, hat or anything, to even socks with cartoons which may not look exactly like their idol’s face, but it doesn’t matter at all.

“Weird” things that Kpop fans often do
And you will keep buying food, skincare products or anything that includes your idol’s photo on it because you never want to miss anything relating to your beloved idol.

Talk to your idols by yourself.

“Weird” things that Kpop fans often do
It sounds kinda “strange”, but you have to admit that you have done it at least once, right? How can you control yourself when your “oppas, unnies” keep showing up everywhere in your house, from your cabinet or bookshelf to computer desktop and room’s wall…?

Have a detailed look at your idol’s videos, take a screenshot or “zoom” in any parts of their bodies.

If you regularly access Kpop forums, you will easily see your idols’ photos with wonderful hair, cute dimples, or beautiful hands, jaw lines, legs… and then, immediately save them to your computer or cell phone.

“Weird” things that Kpop fans often do
Or sometimes, you will quickly save their “embarrassing” moments like this to…create funny photos

Both male and female Kpop idols are very familiar with this “gender transformation” trend.

Especially, when “oppas” transform into girls or just do a choreography of a girlgroup, their fans laugh so hard.

“Weird” things that Kpop fans often do
Many male Kpop idols used to transform into girls so beautifully that made many fangirls “jealous”, like this.
“Weird” things that Kpop fans often do
In contrast, there were still some “less beautiful” cases.
“Weird” things that Kpop fans often do
Don’t say that I am ugly!

Compare your idols to cute animals

This is surely a popular thing among what Kpop fans often do because there are a lot of cute nicknames that fans create for their idols from rabbit, cat, duck, dog, monkey, fish, bear, to even…dinosaur.

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Jungkook (BTS) is well-known for his nickname “Bunny Jeon” because of his cute rabbit teeth and chubby cheeks every time he smiles.
“Weird” things that Kpop fans often do
Seungri (Big Bang)’s fans compare him to a panda due to the dark circles under his eyes. This nickname is so popular that he used to share: “My fans keep calling me as panda so much that my mom even thinks I am a real panda”.
“Weird” things that Kpop fans often do
The famous “monkey” of Super Junior- Eunhyuk.
“Weird” things that Kpop fans often do

Do you think that Jong Hyun (SHINee) is as cute as this dinosaur?

Follow your idols when they eat, sleep, go shopping, go on a vacation.

It sounds quite like what a “saesang fan” often does, but in fact, you can totally follow your idols’ interesting lives through famous variety shows such as Showtime, Roommate, One Fine Day and more.

Read and write fanfictions.

To Kpop fans, fanfictions (stories written by Kpop fans featuring their idols) are good dishes for their “mental health”. However, in contrast, non-fans think they are weird and even “fancy” stories.

If you type the keyword “fanfic” on Google, you’ll see tons of short stories and even long novels written by Kpop fans while Kpop idols are main characters.
This can be considered as a “private world” of Kpop fans, where they can freely create their own stories that they like.

Ship your idols with other and start to “push the ships”.

To Kpop fans, shipping a member with another member within a group is very popular and seems to be a “mental dish” that they can’t live without. It doesn’t matter if that is a boygroup or girlgroup, many fans like to ship their beloved idols with each other nowadays.

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Have you ever heard about famous couple such as YunJae (DBSK), Taeny (SNSD), ChanBaek (EXO), Nyongtory (Big Bang) or VKook (BTS),… before?
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TWICE,jeongyeon,sana try kis
Every fan must have shipped their idols with each other and created many different ships once in their life, right?
As a Kpop fan, do you often do these things?

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