“We are our own fans”: The biggest reason why Girls’ Generation is the “longest-lived girl group” 

Girls’ Generation made a comeback with the message that fans and the group are forever one.

Girls’ Generation made a highly-anticipated comeback with 8 members and released their 7th full album “FOREVER 1” on August 5th. “FOREVER 1” has been getting more attention than ever as Girls’ Generation’s first full album in about 5 years since the 6th album “Holiday Night” released in 2017.

“FOREVER 1” topped iTunes’ top album charts in 31 countries, as well as ranked 1st place on China’s QQ Music digital album sales chart and Japan’s Recochoku’s daily album chart. Following its release in Korea, the song boasted its hot popularity by ranking No.1 on domestic music charts such as Bugs and Vibe.

The news of Girls’ Generation’s return as a full-group has been a hot topic in the industry since last year, and fans’ expectations were high, but it took about a year for the comeback to finally take place. At the comeback press conference held on August 5th, Girls’ Generation members shared their feelings about the entire album production process. They said, “Since last year, we’ve been having meetings between us, and we agreed to release a proper full album on our 15th anniversary. The company agreed to it, so we put our heart and soul into completing the album for a year.”

The title track “FOREVER 1” is a pop dance song with a dynamic beat, energetic melody, and festive mood. The lyrics express eternal love for precious people who give support anytime, anywhere. In particular, in “FOREVER 1”, a part of the code from Girls’ Generation’s legendary debut song “Into the New World” is included, which reminds fans of 15 years ago.

Girls’ Generation said, “Actually, we told the composer that it would be nice to be able to recall ‘Into the New World’. It was a song that we sang with full of energy at the time. As time passed, the lyrics became even more meaningful. We hope ‘FOREVER 1’ will become the second ‘Into The New World’.

In addition to the title track, the b-sides include R&B dance song “Seventeen” with upbeat piano and a colorful synth sound, “Villain” with impressive bass and drum beats, “Lucky Like That” with powerful vocals on a lively guitar, electric pop song “You Better Run” containing the narrative that follows the hit song “Run Devil Run”, “Closer” with an upbeat groove and R&B song “Mood Lamp” with a soft guitar sound.

Girls’ Generation members, who debuted in 2007 and became a “nation’s girl group”, are currently concentrating on their individual activities at their respective agencies. They have been showing off their prominence in various fields such as dramas, movies, musicals, entertainment programs, and solo music. This is why this full-group promotion is so meaningful. The secret for Girls’ Generation remaining the longest-running girl group with top-tier chemistry even after 15 years is their love for the team.

Girls’ Generation said, “Actually, it is not easy to gather the opinions of 8 women. Nevertheless, what can be sustained is that Girls’ Generation members are Girls’ Generation fans. We love Girls’ Generation so much. Although we are active in our own areas now, we still have the same desire to protect Girls’ Generation by communicating and relying on each other. Also, we think it is sustainable because there are fans and the company who always support Girls’ Generation.”

Girls’ Generation is still open about what the future holds for them. The members said, “The plans for the future have not been materialized yet. It seems that we have come together without time to think about the past or the future. We believe we will set the future direction based on what we felt and learned through ‘FOREVER 1’ activities. We hope you will enjoy watching us.”

Since the members’ agencies are now different and each has different strengths and the direction they pursue as artists, it will be inevitably difficult to see Girls’ Generation as a whole frequently. It is still too soon to make a promise for anything after their 7th full album promotions. But what is certain is that Girls’ Generation, the “longest-lived girl group”, is still active and the members love the team more than anyone else.

Source: daum

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