“Break his dog’s joints, leave it to a dog shop…” UP10TION Kim Woo-seok is suspected of animal abuse

UP10TION Kim Woo-seok was embroiled in controversy over animal abuse.

Recently, a post titled “The idol member who is being said to abuse animals” was uploaded on various online communities. He has two dogs and one cat.

Kim Woo-seok

According to this post, Kim Woo-seok grabbed the dog’s joints, spread it sideways, and lifted it up on a Naver VLIVE broadcast. He also made remarks such as he does not directly bathe his dog but leaves it to a dog shop through his manager.

Kim Woo-seok

The author claimed, “I can tell from the way you usually treat your dog. I don’t think you even know how to hug it properly. There seems to be a risk of dislocation of patella. In addition, you adopted 3 animals within a short period of time, and all of them are pedigree dogs and pedigree cat.”

Kim Woo-seok

Nate Pann users responded, “If you’re going to do that, buy a doll and raise it”, “You seem to have no knowledge of dogs”, “I feel sorry for his dog”, “Why do you have to break its joints?”, “Only animals who can’t speak suffer” and “It’s dangerous to break joints like that.”

Source: Wikitree

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