Top 10 dramas with the highest ratings in the history JTBC dramas: Recent works “The Agency” and “Reborn Rich” end up in 5th and 2nd place

The top 10 highest-rated dramas the history of JTBC was recently announced. 

10th place – My Kids Give Me a Headache (9.23%) 

The Saturday-Sunday drama “My Kids Give Me a Headache” is a JTBC drama that gathers writer Kim Soo Hyun along with veteran actors such as Lee Soon Jae, Yoo Dong Geun, Kim Hae Sook and Lim Ye Jin. Initially, the drama did not receive much attention, which prompted JTBC to release the first episode on the Internet five days before the official broadcast date. At that time, it was evaluated to have set a new record with the highest ratings in the history of comprehensive programming channels. The production cost is 12.54 billion won.

My Kids Give Me a Headache

9th place – Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (9.668%) 

The Friday-Saturday drama “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” is a fantasy romantic comedy that captivated young viewers with the pairing and chemistry between Park Bo Young and Park Hyung Sik. The story tells the romance of Do Bong Soon, a woman with super power, and Ahn Min Hyuk, a second-generation chaebol son. The series was off to a good start only to plunge later in ratings. Nevertheless, it recorded a viewer rating of nearly 10% for the first time in JTBC drama history up to that point.


8th place – The Light in Your Eyes (9.731%) 

The Monday-Tuesday drama “The Light in Your Eyes” depicts a mismatch-in-time romance between a woman who grows old each time she manipulate time to save her father and a man who has given up on his dream and only scams elderly people at a care center. Han Ji Min and Nam Joo Hyuk gained additional popularity while Kim Hye Ja proved she continues to solidify her acting. 

The Light in Your Eyes

7th place – The Lady in Dignity (12.065%) 

The Friday-Saturday drama “The Lady in Dignity” drew attention even before it aired as it marked Kim Hee Sun and Kim Sun Ah’s drama return in two years. The actreseses’ amazing performances combined with sophisticated lines and neat production helped the drama reach a new height. 

The Lady in Dignity

6th place – Agency (16.044%) 

The Saturday-Sunday drama “Agency” starring Lee Bo Young came to an end last month. It marked Lee Bo Young’s return in 3 years and told the story of a woman who climbed up the ladder at her advertising agency. Writer Song Soo Han wrote the script based on his past experience in the advertising industry, and the drama received favorable reviews for realistic character images and developments.


5th place – Doctor Cha (16.18%)

The latest addition to the medical genre, Doctor Cha has just risen to the 5th spot on the list of the highest-rated Korean dramas on JTBC. The drama follows Cha Jeong Suk (played by Uhm Jung Hwa), a woman who gave up her career in medicine to become a homemaker for 20 years. After a sudden crisis, she decides to return to the medical profession and also navigates a complicated relationship with her husband and his mistress, who are also doctors.

doctor cha

The latest episode, episode 8, made a significant impact with a nationwide viewership rate of 16.18%, a breakthrough from the earlier episodes which only received “single-digit” ratings.

4th place – Itaewon Class (16.548%) 

The Friday-Saturday drama “Itaewon Class” is a drama adaptation of a webtoon of the same name. The drama series stars Park Seo Joon and Kim Da Mi, who drew attention not only of their acting but also of their hairstyles. 

Itaewon Class

3rd place – SKY Castle (23.779%)

The Friday-Saturday drama “SKY Castle” is a satirical drama about what happens in a residential area called “SKY Castle” where doctors and law school professors live together. The drama stars Yeom Jung Ha, Jung Joon Ho, Lee Tae Ran, Choi Won Young, Yoon Se Ah, Kim Byung Chul, Oh Na Ra, and Kim Seo Hyung. The starting viewership was meager, at 1.7%, but soon reached a record high viewership in Seoul metropolitan area and nationwide for a non-commercial drama.

SKY Castle

2nd place – Reborn Rich (26.948%) 

The Friday-Saturday drama “Reborn Rich” is another drama adaptation of a web novel of the same name. It was aired with an intense schedule of three times a week. Song Joong Ki, Lee Sung Min, and Shin Hyun Bin appeared in the drama. It is a fantasy work about what happens when the secretary, who manages risk for his boss’ family, returns to life as the youngest son of the family after being killed by the exact same hands. Lee Sung Min’s performance was especially well-received. 

reborn rich thumbnail

1st place – The World of the Married (28.371%) 

Friday-Saturday drama “The World of the Married’ won the first place with a near 30% rating. The dram is based on on “Doctor Foster” on BBC One. The drama, starring Kim Hee Ae, Park Hae Joon and Han So Hee, tells the story of a couple falling apart due to an affair. From the start, the drama recorded the highest ratings for the first JTBC drama broadcast at the time and exceeded 20% nationwide in just eight episodes. The 12th episode recorded the highest ratings ever, at 24.3%, for a non-commercial drama and the highest ratings ever in the history of JTBC. In the last episode, the audience rating in the Seoul metropolitan area exceeded 30 percent.

world of the married
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