This middle school student dreamed of becoming a lawyer before becoming a dreamy actor

A middle school class president who dreamed of being a lawyer! As he grows up, he becomes a JYP idol and a celebrity who is tied for first place in acting auditions!

Park Jin Young (GOT7 Jin Young) recently revealed his still cut from the movie “Christmas Carol.”

The movie “Christmas Carol” is an action thriller about older brother Il Woo entering the juvenile detention center himself for revenge after hearing about the death of his twin brother Wol Woo.

Park Jin-young

The undisclosed still cut released on Dec 8th draws attention as it shows Park Jin Young, who plays Il Woo, receiving a mysterious phone call on Christmas Eve evening. He then enters the juvenile detention center as an incarnation of desperate revenge. Actor Park Jin Young will show an unexpected side of him, which was not seen in any previous work, as Il Woo, who shows cool charisma against the gang of brutal juvenile delinquents trying to get rid of him.

Park Jin-young

Recently, actor Park Jin Young did some warm charity for the end of the year.

According to the Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation on Dec 2nd, Park Jin Young donated 50 million won to Hansarang Village, a facility for children with severe disabilities. He has continued his good deeds by donating 30 million won to victims who lost their homes due to torrential rains last summer. This warm personality seems to have continued from his past.

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Before debuting as a member of GOT7 at the time, Park Jin Young was a model student who studied well. While serving as a class president in 3rd year of middle school, he was well-known for warm stories such as taking care of a bullied classmate and a friend who usually ate lunch alone.

Park Jin-young

Park Jin Young, who was good at studying and dreamed of becoming a lawyer, had a special academic passion as he was preparing for the foreign language high school entrance exams before dreaming of becoming a singer.

Later, when he auditioned for SM Entertainment out of curiosity, he said he had developed his dream of becoming a singer after receiving the Popularity Award.

Park Jin-young

In the third year of middle school, he tied for first place in JYP’s singing and acting auditions instead of going to a foreign language high school. In 2012, he appeared on KBS 2TV’s “Dream High 2” as an actor and succeeded in entering the entertainment industry. After 4 months, he debuted as a vocal member of the group GOT7.


Meanwhile, Park Jin Young was born in 1994 and is about to enlist next year. He played the male lead in season 2 of the original TVing drama “Yumi’s Cells,” which was released on TV this year, and appeared in “Yaksha: Ruthless Operations” in addition to the upcoming movie “Christmas Carol.”

Source: News Ade

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