There won’t be any flower road for Big Bang and V.I.P if the fandom keep on blindly defending their idol

Their love for their idol start to gone wrong after many fans blindedly stood up for their idol, kicked down social moral and the country’s law.

Seungri (Big Bang) and Burning sun club is currently the main controversy of K-Pop fans throughout the past month. It’s the first time in history for an idol to be accused with such severe actions. The media seems to be winning after continuously releasing proofs to accuse the youngest Big Bang member of relating to sex trafficking, tax evasion, drug dealing and many other shady activities of his business.


Before this, Seungri is not quite a goody two-shoes. He has been in many other scandals but still survived in this industry thanks to his fans’ protection. However, the situation this time is no longer under YG or the fandom’s power anoymore because of its relation with the community and social security. All the charge Seungri is being suspected with are despised by the society. Every proof is showing Seungri no mercy and he might not survive this time.

Putting aside Seungri’s personal problem because a criminal will be punished by the law, let’s talk about the fandom V.I.P attitude every time their idol got into any scandal. As a member of one of the most famous group, the youngest of Big Bang sure has a huge number in his bank account thanks to his fan’s support. That’s why when an idol is involved in any crime, the one in pain the most would be fans.

On September 13th 2012, Seungri was exposed by a girl, who claimed herself to be his sex partner, about his violent tendency on bed.


Specifically, this girl told the Friday that Seungri had a habit of choking his girlfriend during intercourse. After they were finished, he was being very cold by throwing her only a towel to clean herself up. Moreover, the Big Bang member didn’t even kiss her once. The girl in the article provided a photo of s sleeping Seungri to prove her story.

At that time, the girl was bashed by the V.I.P community for trying to ruin the image of Seungri. Facing the negative reaction from this fandom, the girl said nothing more after the story went on the news.

In September 2014, a journalist named K posted an article to expose that Seungri caused an accident on the highway which caused 3 wounded.
The reason was said to be the male idol who was driving while drunk.


The reason was said to be the male idol who was driving while drunk. However, the police then confirmed that he wasn’t drunk, instead he was just violating the allowed speed which had caused the accident. Journalist K. was bashed by V.I.P because of “posting fake news about Seungri”.

‘Til March 2016, the court confirmed that Seungri didn’t get his blood alcohol checked, so his conciousness at the time couldn’t be proved. Apart from that, journalist K. insisted that his article was accurate because his source was from the car accident departure. After all, the journalist was proved to be right after many days of being attacked by Seungri’s fans.

Not stopping at that, in February 2017, Seungri had a party in Hanoi after receiving a 1 million dollar worth apartment from a Vietnamese estate corp. The male idol was reportedly using happy balloon and partying with many ladies at a bar to 2 AM.


Immediately, many international fans criticized … the bar owner for “affecting” Seungri and pleading him to return to Korea. Many Vietnamese fans represented the country and trend a hashtag apologized to Seungri and the V.I.P community. In fact, Seungri was a mature enough person to be aware of his own work. If someone slips into social evils, the problem is mainly on the person himself and not the people around him.

Next, at the time of the scandal of Burning Sun, many V.I.P could not accept the truth and find all the reasons to defend their idols. Many fans also commented quite funny that Seungri‘s a pawn is because the Government is trying to hide SOPA scandal. Meanwhile, most of the Korean public opinion is that Burning Sun scandal is more serious than SOPA case. Some fans also sent mockery emails, insulting reporter Kang for “daring” to fake evidence of guilt to harm Seungri.

Currently, the scandal of Seungri and Burning Sun has not reached the final conclusion. We have not been able to confirm the male idol’s responsibility for the scandal that happened. However, it was too early for the fans to defend and insist that Seungri was innocent. The law is very clear, those who knowingly do wrong will be subject to punishment. With love, a fandom can cover up the crimes of those who go against social morality. Covering criminal acts is against the morality of the community, the morality of our families and ourselves.


As reporter Kang Kyung Yoon once said: “No matter how sorry I am to you and other fans, there are certain things that the public has the right to know.” Fans’ hearts and laws sometimes can’t go together, which is the harsh truth.

The love for idols from fans is a spiritual affection that helps each person become better every day. And perhaps the “flower path” is only beautiful when it is crystallized from honesty, sincerity, and enthusiasm.

Source: tinnhac

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