Netizens are shocked to find out the wedding congratulatory money Davichi’s Kang Min-kyung gave to Lee Hae-ri 

Kang Min-kyung gave a huge congratulatory envelope to Lee Hae-ri.

Kang Min-kyung’s YouTube channel “걍민경”

On July 10th, Kang Min-kyung released a Vlog of her attending Lee Hae-ri‘s wedding on a YouTube channel.

In the released video, Jang Do-yeon, Sun-mi, Lee Juck, Lin, Yoo Jae-seok, Cho Se-ho and Baek Ji-young also attended the wedding as guests.

lee hae ri wedding

In Korean weddings, guests always give an envelope of money to congratulate the bride and the groom. Kang Min-kyung revealed the congratulatory money put in a sealed envelope in the video and said, “I only sang at weddings, I never have much to give congratulatory money like this,” adding, “Confidently! I give a lot. I put too much into the envelope it ripped.”

lee hae ri wedding

When Lee Hae-ri received the congratulatory money from Kang Min-kyung, she said, “Look at the thickness. Wow, that’s awesome,” to which Kang Min-kyung responded, “Share it with your husband,” showing off her close friendship with Lee Hae-ri.

lee hae ri wedding

Netizens who saw Kang Min-kyung’s congratulatory money left comments, saying, “It’s good to see that she really sincerely wants to give that much money,” and “I envy them so much.”

Source: wikitree

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