The top star who captivated the film industry returns to the screen after 6 years

Actor Shin Hyeon-jun is returning to the screen after 6 years with the movie ‘Handsome’.

The movie ‘Handsome’ starring Shin Hyun-jun and Park Sol-mi drew attention by releasing the main poster and stills on the 22nd.

Shin Hyun joon

“Handsome” is a comedy film in which a detective (Shin Hyun-joon) was brain-shocked in a car accident one day and fell under the illusion that he became an idol-class handsome boy. Director Kim Dong-wook, who previously directed “The Man I Want to Kill” and “Birthday Teacher”, will take charge of the movie.


Unlike his nice and gentle personality, the movie is about Noh Mi-nam, a detective who has always been misunderstood due to his appearance, putting into an operation to arrest a rare female drug offender, and conducting and solving other cases in it.

Shin Hyun joon

In the main poster released today, Shin Hyun-joon is standing with a hair dryer resembling a gun against the background of a pink vortex that appears to be spinning. The character of his role Noh Mi-nam was also revealed with the statement ‘I am the only drug allowed in this country’.

The stills released later showing the elegant and innocent beauty of Park Sol-mi, the actress who played the hairdresser Ari, also raised high expectations.

Park Sol-mi

Above all, “Handsome” is a return work of Shin Hyun-jun, the actor who has appeared in many famous Korean films such as “Ginkgo Bed”, “Bichunmoo”, “Three Kims”, “Marrying the Mafia II”, ” Barefoot Ki-bong”, etc.

“Handsome” is scheduled to be premiered in July 2022.

Source: wikitree

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