The reason why MBC vs SBS start a fight over Im Soo-hyang

MBC and SBS began to compete with actress Im Soo-hyang in between.

Im Soo-hyang

Im Soo-hyang recently finished filming SBS‘ new drama “From Today We” and MBC‘s new drama “Doctor Lawyer“. However, the conflict between the two companies began as both dramas were decided to be broadcast in May.

SBS decided to organize “From Today We” starring actors Im Soo-hyang and Sung Hoon as a sequel to the currently airing Friday-Saturday drama “Through the Darkness”. The drama was initially scheduled to air on OTT. However, this decision was made when SBS‘ drama arrangement was twisted as the filming of “The Police Station Next to the Fire Station” was suspended.

MBC‘s new Friday-Saturday drama “Doctor Lawyer” was decided to be organized earlier than “From Today We”. This is because “Doctor Lawyer” starring actor So Ji-sub was considered one of MBC‘s most anticipated dramas in the first half.

Im Soo-hyang

On April 4th, JTBC reported that MBC is showing displeasure towards SBS. This is because it was MBC that confirmed the program first. In fact, the two dramas have different schedules and times, but conflicts over public relations seem to have intensified.

MBC told JTBC, “Sudden setback has caused damage. It’s a multimedia era and the filming period overlaps because actors work in various works, but it’s customary to avoid overlapping. Especially if it’s the lead role, isn’t it? Even considering SBS’ situation, we think it’s out of order. How can we promote or market the lead actress?”

However, SBS has a different position. SBS told JTBC, “It was inevitable due to the production company’s circumstances. Originally, ‘From Today We’ was scheduled to be released in April, so we had no idea about overlapping appearances at all. We think there will be no problem because the broadcast day, time and subject matter are completely different.”

Im Soo-hyang
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