The reason actress Ra Mi-ran did not feel ashamed of her husband, who used to do physical labor work

The comedy movie “Honest Candidate 2”, starring Ra Mi-ran is gaining explosive popularity.

Released on September 28th, “Honest Candidate 2” gained favorable reviews and even tipped the box office chart on its premiere date.

Although “Honest Candidate 2” already gave up the top spot to “Confidential Assignment 2: International”, starring actors Hyun Bin, Yoo Hae-jin, Im Yoon-ah and Daniel Henney, on September 30th, it is still being chosen by many moviegoers.

Enjoying her heyday, Ra Mi-ran will continue to introduce new films “Come Back Home” and “Highway Family” one after another this month and next month. As Ra Mi-ran has become one of the busiest actresses in Chungmuro, her moves are attracting keen public attention.

Especially, a lot of viewers are raising interest in her husband. 

Ra Mi-ran’s husband Kim Jin-goo used to work as the manager of singer Shin Sung-woo. Ra Mi-ran married Kim Jin-goo in 2002. 

However, due to her husband’s inconstant income, her family suffered livelihood difficulties. At that time, her husband often got paid late due to the delays in album production. Ra Mi-ran was also an unknown actress so her income was also not high, and she also had to stop acting for a while because of her pregnancy.

Later, Ra Mi-ran’s husband even had to do physical labor work. Even when Ra Mi-ran became famous and earned a lot of money, her husband continued to work hard. 

Ra Mi-ran once appeared on tvN’s “Live Talk Show – Taxi” and revealed that she didn’t feel ashamed of her husband, who was doing labor work, at all. 

The actress, who did not expect her remark ‘My husband does labor work’ to become a hot topic, firmly said, “Doing labor work is nothing to be ashamed of. Everyone in the world is doing what suits their abilities”.

She then said, “Whenever I say my husband is doing labor work, people always make the conclusion, ‘Ah, he’s working at construction site’”, adding “Labor work and construction work are completely different. Every time they say so, I always respond, ‘No, he’s just doing normal labor work’”, drawing attention.

Currently, Kim Jin-goo is said to be focusing on supporting Ra Mi-ran. 

Meanwhile, Ra Mi-ran, who graduated from the Department of Theater at Seoul Institute of the Arts, turned 48 years old this year. She got the chance to approach the media while performing on theater stages when she was already in her late-30s. 

Her first screen appearance was in the 2005 film “Sympathy for Lady Vengeance”. She later appeared in various famous dramas, such as “Reply 1988” and “Rude Miss Young-Ae – Season 14”, and made her face known to the public little by little. In addition, she has also performed well in entertainment programs.

Ra Mi-ran is now busier than anyone else. Fans are paying attention to what kind of acting Ra Mi-ran, who is now playing only lead roles after overcoming her hard time in the past, will present in the future.

Source: insight

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