The one area at which SNSD is unbeatable throughout their 10-year-career

For ten years, SNSD has never failed to mesmerize fans with their various concepts.

SNSD debuted in 2007, and became one of SM’s main groups at that time. For more than a decade, SNSD has proven their top class by constantly changing the images in each comeback.

In particular, for every concept, whether it would be strong or gentle, mysterious or lovely, the “national group” still achieved admirable success, which not many groups can be able to do. It can’t be denied that SNSD is the “chameleon” group, as they are always changing the concepts to live up to their name as the “national girl group”. This is also one of the reasons why the group can last long until now. Let’s look back at the concepts that SNSD has come up with since their debut until now.

They are the cute mannequins in the super hit “Gee”
The legendary sailor concept in “Genie” 
Then they became cute cheerleaders for “Oh”
They transformed into hot spies in “Hoot”
Sexy female drivers in “Mr. Taxi”
SNSD and their diva concept in “Paparazzi”
Beautiful flight attendants in “Flower Power”
Elegant princesses in “The Boys”
The street-style SNSD in “I Got A Boy”
With “Mr. Mr.” they are the sexy but dangerous nurses
Luxurious but cute in the retro concept of “Holiday”

In your opinion, with their originality, are SNSD the concept queens?

Source: Kenh14

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