The most loved Grand Prince in Korean period dramas: Moon Sang Min glows with every appearance, once lent Han So Hee a hand 

Rookie actor Moon Sang Min is a promising face following his current appearance in “Under The Queen’s Umbrella”. 

Under The Queen’s Umbrella” introduces a funny yet thrilling story of the royal family in the Joseon era where Kim Hye Soo transforms into Queen Hwa Ryeong, who holds power in her hand while also being under a lot of pressure. The Queen has five sons, the oldest of which is currently the most respectable. Yet, the name Seongnam, a Grand Prince, is gaining vast popularity. 

Moon Sang Min the Queen's Umbrella

In the series, Grand Prince Seongnam turns heads for his attractive looks and excellent quality that often goes unnoticed. While the prince may not seem invested in studying, he is highly regarded for a long-term vision and a deep compassion for his people. 

Seongnam always looks up to his brother, the Crown Prince, a feeling of respect that urges him to volunteer and stay until the end of consort selection. A close younger sibling to his brother, Seongnam is not afraid to go into danger to retrieve a cure for his brother’s terminal illness. 

A character harboring many good qualities, Seongnam is one of the most loved princes in the series. The man behind the role is the young actor Moon Sang Min. Born in 2000,  Moon Sang Min is a relatively new face in acting.  

Moon Sang-min
Moon Sang Min

Before “Under The Queen’s Umbrella”, Moon Sang Min appeared in the series “My Name”, acting alongside Han So Hee. At the time, the actor came “to the rescue” when Han So Hee was caught in a round of rumors. Specifically, Han So Hee was embroiled in dating rumors with Song Kang after “Nevertheless” wrapped up. 

Han So Hee Song Kang
Dating rumors between Han So Hee and Song Kang after “Nevertheless” 

There was once a photo that claimed to be of Han So Hee and Song Kang dating on the street. However, Moon Sang Min was quick to clarify that he was the guy in the picture. Moon Sang Min and Han So Hee were only on their way to the press conference for “My Name”. 

Moon Sang Min
Moon Sang Min in “My Name” with Han So Hee

His bravery received numerous praise, especially when the actor was still a rookie to the industry. With the rising popularity he is gaining with “Under The Queen’s Umbrella”, Moon Sang Min is sure to be sought after after the series ends. 

Source: K14

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