The most iconic hairstyles of TWICE members

These are considered the trademark hairstyles of TWICE members 

TWICE is known for their pretty visuals, so the members can easily pull off any hairstyle. Each member has an iconic hairstyle that perfectly suits them and upgrades their beauty. Since their debut until now, the 9 girls of TWICE have changed their hairstyles many times.

TWICE is a group with no visual hole
TWICE is a group with no visual hole

Known as the representative member of TWICE, Nayeon is the member that occupies the most spotlight. Nayeon constantly changes her image through each comeback to fit TWICE’s concept. During TWICE’s promotion for “More & More”, Nayeon stirred up Kpop by having a bob haircut for the first time. Short hair helps Nayeon show off her youthful and playful visuals. 

Not only Nayeon, Sana also enjoys short hairstyles. She chose for herself a lob layered haircut with slightly outward curls at the end, boasting her sweet visual. This is not a hairstyle that everyone can easily look good with. However, Sana looks absolutely pretty and elegant when trimming her hair this way.

When TWICE first debuted, Jeongyeon drew attention for her tomboyish haircut, giving off major girl crush vibes. With a brightly dyed pixie hairstyle, the female idol makes many fans fall for her irresistible charm. 

Leader Jihyo also left a strong impression with her layered bob haircut. She looks more chic and trendy after cutting her hair short. This hairstyle clearly upgraded Jihyo’s visuals significantly and helped her attract more fans.

It seems that every TWICE member suits short hairstyles and Tzuyu is no exception. During the TWICE 4TH WORLD TOUR ‘Ⅲ’ concert at KSPO Dome in Seoul, TWICE’s maknae went viral with a mid-bob hair cut. This was the first time after more than 6 years of debut that Tzuyu did not show up with her usual long hair. With shoulder-length hair, Tzuyu flaunts her superb visuals even more, looking more elegant and feminine. 

Chaeyoung also suits short hair very well. The female idol born in 1999 impresses netizens with her short, romantic, artist-like hairstyle. 

Momo usually has a hime hairstyle with a unique short bang. In this hairstyle, Momo shows off her energetic vibe and bold Japanese beauty. The female idol is also a rare person who dares to try this hairstyle.

Mina once caused a fever when she decided to dye her long hair bright blonde. In this image, the female idol exudes gentleness and sweetness, exalting her beautiful face and luxurious visuals.

Possessing white skin and a lovely face, Dahyun can easily handle light-colored hairstyles. Typically, the blue hair that she used to dye. Fans commented that the blue color made Dahyun‘s skin more beautiful, exuding a fairy-like aura.

Many people think that TWICE‘s beauties show off their attractive visuals partly thanks to the suitable hairstyle. In particular, JYP’s female idols are much more beautiful and attractive when they cut their hair short.

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