The level of absurd PPL in the latest episode of “One Dollar Lawyer” that made the viewers change the channel

“One Dollar Lawyer”, starring Nam Goong-min, is currently the best-performing miniseries. However, some viewers recently gave negative responses regarding PPL in the new broadcast.

Episode 6 of “One Dollar Lawyer” was aired on October 8th. In the broadcast, Chun Ji-hoon (Nam Goong-min) was seen solving all the mysteries related to the murder of painter Kim and his wife and closing the case neatly.

In the scene when Chun Ji-hoon and Sa Ma-jang (Park Jin-woo) were reviewing the incident details, Baek Ma-ri (Kim Ji-eun) appeared together with a bag of braised chicken from a brand for dinner. 

One Dollar Lawyer

The drama then spent more than a minute showing the logo of the brand on the large shopping bag, full shots of the food, and the scene of the actors enjoying braised chicken.

One Dollar Lawyer

In that scene, Chun Ji-hoon said, “I don’t like braised chicken”, but then took a bite and exclaimed, “So delicious”.

One Dollar Lawyer

As the video cut of this scene spread online, many Internet users who watched the broadcast responded, “I thought a CF video popped out all of a sudden”, “This random PPL is so excessive and annoying”, “I immersion was suddenly interrupted right at that scene”, etc.

One Dollar Lawyer

In fact, unscripted PPLs have also been added to various TV dramas before, making many people frustrated. Therefore, the PPL scene in “One Dollar Lawyer” also seems to have created an uncomfortable experience for the viewers.

One Dollar Lawyer

On the other hand, some other netizens expressed opposite reactions, saying “I think it’s okay with this PPL?”, “PLL is necessary for the production of a drama”, etc.

Meanwhile, “One Dollar Lawyer”, which tells the refreshing story of “cost-effective” lawyer Chun Ji-hoon being a reliable back for his client, is broadcast every Friday and Saturday at 10 p.m. 

According to the rating survey agency Nielsen Korea, the recently aired 6th episode recorded a high viewer rating of 13.6% in Seoul area and 13.4% nationwide, maintaining its huge popularity by ranking 1st among series of the same time slot. 

Source: Insight

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