The hottest actress appearances at the Blue Dragon Film Awards 2022: Tang Wei stole the spotlight among Korean stars, IU and Yoona formed a halo with their distinct all-white looks 

These five actresses took the Internet by storm with their glowing beauty and distinct charms. 

The “2022 Blue Dragon Film Awards” left a strong aftertaste for its viewers to the point lively debates are ongoing in regards to the stunning faces present at the award show. This time around, the discussions spanned from Korea to China when the Awards was able to gather five actresses (Yoona, IU, Tang Wei, Oh Na Ra and Kim Hye Yoon) in the same photo frame. 

yoona iu seo eun soo tang wei chun woo hee blue dragon

Tang Wei showed off her delicate and youthful features while radiating a classy and poignant aura at the age of 43. She stole the spotlight among the Korean stars for her captivating charisma. IU and Yoona were also praised for their glowing beauty despite being at the edge of the photo

blue dragon film awards
The rare photo captured five hot actresses namely Yoona, IU, Tang Wei, Oh Na Ra and Kim Hye Yoon at the “Blue Dragon Film Awards”. Tang Wei managed to steal the spotlight despite not being at the center of the photo, radiating a distinct elegance. IU and Yoona was also glowing in the photo 
tang wei blue dragon
Tang Wei was the first ever foreign actress to receive the ‘Best Actress’ from the “Blue Dragon Awards”. She looked stunning in a creative off-shoulder outfit 
Tang Wei Blue Dragon
At 43, Tang Wei maintains her class and attractiveness that swooned over her fans with a smile from a close-up angle 
Yoona-Blue Dragon
Yoona wore a silky white dress to the award show, boasting a bright entrance and princess-like beauty 
IU Blue Dragon
IU also put on a white dress with veils. Her close-up shot revealed the actress flawless skin and light complexion 
oh na ra blue dragon
“Sky Castle” Oh Na Ra showed off her noble and dignified beauty at 48 
Blue Dragon Kim Hye yoon
Kim Hye Yoon boasted a sweet and bright image that easily charmed the audience 

Source: K14

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