The female idol with the weirdest lines: 3 comebacks and she is still singing meaningless words

(G)I-DLE has been active for a year with 3 comebacks but this time, Shuhua’s lines are still strangely the same.

(G)I-DLE recently came back with the Latino-vibe track “Senorita” which is produced by their leader Soyeon. However, this time, K-Pop fans’ attention is not on the talented producer Soyeon but Shuhua – the Taiwanese member and also the youngest one.

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Shuhua is mentioned a lot through out this comeback with “Senorita”.

Discovering the reason behind the attention, fans don’t know if they should cry or laugh. Right after Senorita was released, (G)I-DLE’s fan community was shocked by the short and weird lines of Shuhua: just 17 seconds of meaningless “uh,oh”. Singing part of the (G)I-DLE’s youngest member is the shortest.

The line distribution table of (G)I-DLE members in “Senorita”

Shuhua’s little and weird lines upset many fans. Shuhua’s fans point out that in “LATATA” she didn’t have many lines (19 seconds but only a repetition of the word “latata”), everything started to get better after Shuhua got a proper line in “HANN”, but then Cube Entertainment have to let them down again with Shuhua’s part in “Senorita”.
Shuhua’s singing line after 3 comebacks.

If this is just the first time Shuhua receives such little lines than fans can easily understand because she is a foreigner and her Korean is not fluent yet. But this already is (G)I-DLE’s 3rd comeback and her lines are still the same. Is there something wrong in the way Cube Entertainment Divide lines? Shuhua might not be good at Korean yet but she can totally memorize the lyrics to perform normally and there’s no reason for her to be discriminated like this.

Seeing this unfair situation toward the female idol, many netizens has said: “Shuhua deserves to sing more”, “This is ridiculous, it’s not even funny”,…

(G)I-DLE is currently promoting “Senorita” but fans are hoping that Shuhua will shine next comeback.

Sources: k14

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