The fears of K-pop idols who have been active in the industry for a long time

The seniors can’t help but be surprised by the current 4th generation idols.

The 4th generation K-pop is slowly beginning with the emergence of new potential young faces. Therefore, when looking at the age difference between generations, the seniors in the industry can’t help but be surprised and try to hide the fact that they have aged. However, fans always find ways to jokingly make fun of their idol’s age.

Kpop female groups
Veteran groups are currently rocking K-pop with the 4th generation.

Seniors shocked to know that they’re old

In one show, Taeyeon and the participating members were dumbfounded and surprised to know the age of the guest from the 4th generation. Specifically, male idol Jeongwoo (Treasure) introduced that he was born in 2004, meaning he is only 17 years old this year. As soon as he said that, everyone in the room looked at each other with bewilderment.

Taeyeon SNSD-Jeongwoo Treasure 17-year-old
Everyone panicked when they knew that Jeongwoo was only 17 years old. 

The reason is that the birth year of this male idol is also the year they joined the company, Park Na Rae was even a freshman at the time. Taeyeon also showed her surprise, “I entered SM in 2004!” Thus, the age difference is so great that the seniors can’t believe that they have really aged.

Taeyeon SNSD-Jeongwoo Treasure 17-year-old-070322
Taeyeon grimaced when she discovered the big age difference. 

Besides 2004-born Jeongwoo, the male idol Junghwan surprised the seniors even more. At the show Weekly Idol, the Treasure members had the opportunity to meet the seniors from the industry. 

Eunhyuk (Super Junior) and Kwanghee were MCs in the show, introducing guests from the group Treasure. Doyoung was born in 2003, Haruto and Jeongwoo were born in 2004. When introducing junior Junghwan born in 2005, Eunhyuk paused for a moment, and his face looked as if he was hiding the truth, so Kwanghee shouted, “That’s the year he debuted.” The whole audience suddenly burst into laughter at Eunhyuk‘s pain.

The year Junghwan was born was also the year Eunhyuk debuted. 

Fans tease Apink and Oh!GG with weak joints

On February 14th, 2022, the 2nd generation girl group Apink officially returned to the music race with the release of their 10th anniversary album. After almost 2 years of absence, Apink‘s appearance made many fans extremely excited. Their decision to come back during the active period of the young 4th gen idols also received many worries and concerns from fans. Apink fans say that when they perform on the same stage with juniors, they will hear the sound of bones cracking because of old age when performing choreography.

However, at the fans’ teasing, Apink appeared to cause a fever with a youthful and beautiful image that was not inferior to the juniors. Their ability to perform, sing or dance is still as energetic and enthusiastic as ever. Therefore, the enthusiasm of long-time fans is ignited again, many assure that, “It is never wrong to stan Apink”.

Looking at Apink, many thought that a monster rookie just debuted. 

Debuted in 2007, SNSD has been in the industry for 14 years. After a long “hibernation”, SNSD’s sub-unit Oh!GG recently made a comeback in the company’s winter album SMTOWN: SMCU EXPRESS.

SNSD members have been active in the industry for more than 10 years

In the behind-the-scenes video of the MV for Lil’ touch, Taeyeon suffered a neck injury while doing the choreography. This made other members extremely worried. They are now big seniors of Kpop so they can no longer be as energetic and physically strong as rookie idols, but Yoona, Hyoyeon, Taeyeon, Sunny and Yuri still look amazing.

Recently, the project girl group Girls On Top including idols BoA, Taeyeon – Hyoyeon (SNSD), Seulgi – Wendy (Red Velvet) and Karina – Winter (aespa) made their debut with the song “Step Back”. Watching the behind-the-scenes moments of the performances, fans once again had the chance to “tease” Taeyeon, Hyoyeon, and BoA’s weaker joints compared to their juniors from the 3rd and 4th generation. But on stage, they still slay, showing their power as veteran idols of Kpop.


The current 4th generation idols all debuted very young, so their seniors can’t help but be surprised by it. Although there is a big age difference between the seniors and juniors of the new generation, the performances of experienced senior idols are still outstanding.

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