The 8 most noisy dramas in Kpop 2020

Chen (EXO) suddenly held a wedding

In January, Chen (EXO) caused a shock when suddenly wrote a letter announcing that he was going to marry his girlfriend outside the entertainment industry.  Chen’s sudden wedding caused a great disadvantage for EXO during the time when the group temporarily stop the group’s activities when the members joined the army.

8 drama kpop 20201

After announcing his marriage, Chen became the focus of criticism for hiding his love story with his girlfriend for many years.  Some EXO fans called Chen selfish and asked him to leave the group to avoid adversely affecting the rest of the members.  However, SM confirmed that Chen would still be a member of the EXO lineup.  At the end of April, SM also confirmed the birth of his first daughter.  In October, Chen made a comeback with the song Hello – the first personal product after the scandal of getting married.  The male idol also enlisted in the army at the end of October.

Ji Min (AOA) bullied Mina for 10 years

The scandal of Ji Min (AOA) and Kwon Mina (former member of AOA) is one of the most shocking news in Kpop 2020. On July 3, Mina wrote a letter claiming that she was bullied by Ji Min for 10 years.  The former member of AOA also posted a photo of her wrist, scarred from suicide due to depression and panic disorder.  Through Mina’s letter, new fans realized the truth about the reason why Mina decided not to sign a new contract with AOA in May 2019.  It was because she could not stand Ji Min’s harsh words and insults.

8 drama kpop 20202

After Mina’s letter, Ji Min went to talk, along with an apology letter on her personal page.  However, Mina still found it difficult to accept Ji Min’s apology for being insincere.  She continued to reveal that Ji Min took her boyfriend to their dorm.

On July 4, FNC announced that Ji Min left the group, AOA temporarily stopped the group’s activities.  In August, Mina continued to accuse Seol Hyun of ignoring her injuries.  Seol Hyun was also blamed for being close to Mina.  Ji Min’s scandal is said to be the most serious bullying case in Kpop since the incident of T-ara in 2012.

The 1997-line went to a bar at Itaewon during the epidemic

At the end of April, Kpop’s famous 97-line association, including Jung Kook (BTS), Cha Eun Woo (ASTRO), Jae Hyun (NCT 127), Min Gyu (SEVENTEEN) gathered at Itaewon Street during the vacation. After Korea faced the second wave of outbreaks involving a patient who visited Itaewon on May 2, the Korea Centers for Disease Control (KCDC) asked everyone, who had ever come to that area from April 24 to May 6, go for a Covid-19 test.  The four above male idols have been tested and got negative results.

The incident caused great controversy on Korean forums when many people believed that idols did not strictly comply with the regulations on social distance (at the end of April, KDCD Korea recommended that people still need social distance until the end of 5/5).

8 drama kpop 20203

Fans defended these 4 idols for the reason that they need to strictly reflect on themselves because of subjectivity but in the end, they did not deserve to be heavily cursed.  Since the end of April, life had returned to normal in Korea. When the 97-line group arrived in Itaewon (from the evening of April 25 to the morning of April 26), the country recorded a very small number of new infections, most of them returning from abroad and almost no community infection.

Irene (Red Velvet) waa caught up in a personality scandal

On October 22, Red Velvet leader Irene was caught up in an attitude scandal related to a stylist/editor.  That stylist/editor said she was insulted by a female star for 20 minutes.  Both Irene and SM had to admit and apologize for this action. Many rumors about Irene spread on social networks, after all the female idol also apologized.  SM also confirmed the incident, saying that Irene came to meet and sincerely apologized to the editor.

8 drama kpop 20204

Although she apologized, Irene still suffered from the wave of criticism and boycott of Korean netizens.  From a top female idol in Kpop, her image became ugly.  Red Velvet had to cancel many activities.

The cosmetic brand represented by Irene also decided to remove all images related to Irene at all stores and websites.  Recently, Irene came back with Red Velvet’s activities but was still be criticized by netizens.  Because of her scandal, many people declared that they would no longer be interested in Red Velvet’s music products.

EXO Chanyeol’s love Scandal

On the morning of October 29, a woman who claimed to be the ex-girlfriend of Chan Yeol (EXO) shared a post on social media, exposing all that she went through when she was dating Chan Yeol.  According to this girl, Chan Yeol and she have been with each other for 3 years, but she decided to break up when she discovered that the male idol often cheats, and had relationships with many other girls.  The girls that Chan Yeol had relationships with are said to be about 10 people, from a girl group member, YouTuber, DJ, dancer, flight attendant …

A source from SM Entertainment stated, “We have no official statement regarding the post.”  Knet believes that SM has tacitly admitted the incident.  Fans also found out that the photos that the girl released were not photoshop products.  After the scandal, the male idol’s image was also heavily affected.  Even though fans asked for an explanation, the male idol still “kept quiet”.

  • Chae Young (Twice) is rumored to be dating a tattoo artist

In November, Chae Young (Twice) got caught up in the rumor of dating a tattoo artist.  Chae Young’s rumored boyfriend is Jung Seung Hyun, stage name is Chim Hwasa, born in 1990, 9 years older than Chae Young.

8 drama kpop 20206

When reached out by media outlets for a response, JYP Entertainment commented that the agency has no statement regarding the artist’s personal life, making fans believe that the company tacitly admitted the rumor was true. Many pictures and proofs of the couple’s dating have also been spread on social networks, such as couple bracelets, couple sandals, couple rings, or their travel to Europe… The couple is said to have dating for over a year, since before Twice promoted Fancy.  Many fans protested because Chae Young fell in love with someone with a somewhat “eccentric” look and style and the 9-year age gap was also too large.

The controversial debut of the rookie girl group Aespa

Aespa is the most noticed rookie in Kpop 2020. As SM’s first female group after 6 years since Red Velvet, the girls have been interested by many fans since the pre-debut days.  However, Aespa is not only “famous” but also “notorious” for their controversial drama.  Karina (Yoo Ji Min) is accused of defaming the company, EXO, NCT, BTS … Although SM has denied and threatened to sue those who spread false rumors, Karina is still being netizens.  criticize.  Many people believe that the message was written by Karina because the message contained internal information of SM that outsiders cannot know.

8 drama kpop 20207

Giselle (Aeri Uchigana), the Japanese member, also has a rumor about her bad past.  Giselle is rumored to have attended many debauchery parties with friends.  She is also accused of smoking and using alcohol when she is underage.  Much unconfirmed information says that the rookie of the SM family has an unclean personal life, and is a “gangster”.

Aespa’s debut with the single Black Mamba was also controversial when many foreign artists accused aespa of copying their ideas.  Aespa’s avatar concept is said to be inspired by the virtual girlgroup K / DA.  Knet sarcasm Aespa when they are famous for their “dirty media-play” and copying ideals.

X1 disbanded, IZONE is about to terminate the contract

The vote fraud scandal of the Produce season series still causes a lot of controversies in 2020. On January 6, CJ E&M, the Mnet’s management company, announced that X1 disbanded after the scandal at Produce X 101. This decision was made by CJ after only 10 minutes of meeting with the management companies of 11 members of X1.  With this result, X1 – the group that came out of Produce season 4, disbanded after just over 4 months.

8 drama kpop 20208

On November 18, the appellate trial of the case took place at the Seoul Supreme Court.  The trial also revealed a list of candidates that were eliminated due to the manipulation of votes.  IZONE became the focus of criticism from Korean netizens because it is the only group still active.  According to the announcement of the court, in season 3 (Produce 48), Lee Ga Eun had the number of votes in 5th place, Han Cho Won was at the 6th but lost the chance to debut with IZONE unjustly.  The other two trainees were put on the final list by cheating.

8 drama kpop 20209

Many topics discussed who was the IZONE members that took the places of Lee Ga Eun and Han Cho Won.  Netizens found out that 4 names with a suspiciously high number of votes in the finale.  Jo Yuri, Choi Yena, Kim Chae Won and Kim Min Joo are the 4 most suspected names.

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