The privilege of singers-turned-actresses with two names ft. Suzy, IU, Hani, Bona

Many singers use their real names while working as actors. There are also stars who use their stage names in both fields.

Rather than having any special criteria for names, there is a name that seems to fit a little bit more with a certain step that only that person has shown, such as the range of activities, aura or vibe. To be more precise, names that are familiar to many people are often called.

In that respect, more people call IU by her stage name IU than her real name Lee Ji Eun. While telling stories she wants to tell through music, she tries to maintain a balance in the acting field as well.


Former Miss A member-actress Suzy is also more familiar with the two letters “Suzy” minus the last name than Bae Suzy. Besides, EXID member-actress Hani is more attached to the name Hani than her real name Ahn Hee Yeon.

hani fantasy spot

However, WJSN Bona expressed her desire to act as “actress Kim Ji Yeon”, “I think I should try acting as Kim Ji Yeon.” So far, the name Bona is more familiar.


Calling someone’s name is no different from calling someone’s whole life. So calling a person’s name with all your heart is loving that person itself.

What is important is that stage names are not called just because you have a strong image as a singer, and real names are not called just because you have the aura of an actor. A star’s body and spirit are embedded in both names they have. Because that is the privilege of people with two names.

Source: daum

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