Suga (BTS) caused controversy for frankly pointing out the ‘dark side’ of Korean music shows

Suga (BTS) frankly exposed the dark sides of Korean music shows and the male idol's sharing is becoming the hottest topic right now.

BTS members are all excellent interviewers, and many of their answers become hot topics on internet forums. Suga is the most typical member, since he is always forthright, honest, and unafraid to share his thoughts on any subject. In a recent interview with Weverse Magazine, the male rapper discussed the challenges that Kpop singers face in today’s promotion process, particularly the “dark side” of Korean music shows.

Suga (BTS) caused controversy for frankly pointing out the 'dark side' of Korean music shows

Specifically, in an interview with Weverse that was just posted today (July 31), Suga received the following question: “It’s no exaggeration to say that you’ve achieved most of the things that you can as an artist in the music industry. What steps do you think are necessary for the artists who follow after BTS?”

Suga (BTS) caused controversy for frankly pointing out the 'dark side' of Korean music shows

To this question, Suga had a very frank and very realistic answer. Below is the full text of the male rapper’s reply:

“The way artists work seems so difficult. They make an appearance on a different music show every day once the promotional period begins, meaning the exhaustion artists face is enormous, and that fatigue often results in injuries as it adds up.
That kind of music show is for promotional purposes, so it’s not like the artists can earn a proper income from them. On top of that, despite all the promoting, there’s no visible outcome, so they inevitably lose morale.
If possible, it’d be nice to have one of the performances be really high-quality, even if it’s just the one, but in this environment I’d say that’s pretty difficult. And since our job doesn’t fit the common conception of work, there’s ambiguous boundaries when it comes to issues of legal protection as well. We need a lot of improvements to be made to the industry and its system.”

Suga (BTS) caused controversy for frankly pointing out the 'dark side' of Korean music shows

It is known that it has been a long time since BTS last appeared on a Korean music show to promote. Many people think that this may be because of the epidemic situation (the group just wants to promote to meet fans, and want to protect their health). However, others said that the owner of the hit ‘Butter’ was no longer interested in domestic stages anymore.

Now, with Suga frankly talking about the ‘dark sides’ of music show promotions, many people are even more skeptical whether BTS will not want to appear on broadcast stages anymore. At the moment, Suga’s opinion on the music show has become a very hot topic on the online forum Theqoo, attracting more than 2500 comments in a short time.

As a result, even though many Knets understand that Suga is only expressing his viewpoint, they believe he is looking down on idols’ promotion at domestic music shows. Some claim that because BTS is already well-known, they don’t need to go through this process, yet this is exactly what many Kpop newbies need in order for their names to be remembered. There were also sarcastic comments that BTS prioritized appearances on overseas programs due of the greater pay.

Suga (BTS) caused controversy for frankly pointing out the 'dark side' of Korean music shows

Many Knets, on the other hand, support Suga’s position that he is simply speaking the truth. As a result, these internet users feel that this male rapper did not look down on music shows; instead, he only wants them to make changes to safeguard the idols’ rights and health. They’re frustrated up with how many people despise BTS so intensely that even when the members reveal the truth, they’re still unfairly critiquing the Big Hit group.

Some comments:

  • But appearing on a music show is for both self-promotion and meeting fans, right? If they say that, the domestic fans, who have been waiting for them to appear on the shows, will be very sad.
  • That’s why BTS isn’t on Korean shows anymore… Probably because they don’t feel they’re getting enough pay.
  • Suga is right but why are there many people criticizing him here?!
  • Yoongi is right, TV stations don’t pay idols but make huge profits from their sweat and tears.
  • This is one of the most straightforward idols I’ve ever seen. Really great, he dared to stand up to protect the rights of Kpop idols.
  • That’s right, maybe now BTS finds international music shows more popular than Korean shows.
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