“Squid Game” Lee Jung-Jae’s reaction to a fan’s remark, “Oppa, you have something on your face,” gathered attention

Lee Jung Jae told the behind-the-scenes story of his “legendary gif” with his fangirl.

tvN's "You Quiz on the Block"
tvN’s “You Quiz on the Block”

“You have ‘some’thing on your face. Handsome!”

On January 12th, actor Lee Jung-jae appeared and had a talk on tvN’s “You Quiz on the Block.”

On this day, Lee Jung-jae talked about a short conversation he had with a female fan in a movie press conference in 2014.

tvN's "You Quiz on the Block"
tvN's "You Quiz on the Block"

At the time, the girl fan said, “You have ‘some’thing on your face*,” making Lee Jung-Jae embarrassed. 

The reason why Lee Jung-jae was even more embarrassed was that he actually ate kimbap just before the event.

Lee Jung-jae said, “I had no choice but to eat kimbap to enter the venue on time right after getting my hair and makeup done,” adding, “Where on my face was the seaweed?” He said he thought there was actually some seaweed on his face.

However, the fangirl continued, “Handsome.” Lee Jung-jae recalled, “I was confused at the moment,” and made people laugh.

*The actual joke was “Oppa, you have seaweed (kim) on your face. Handsome (jalsaengkim)!”

 tvN's "You Quiz on the Block"
tvN’s “You Quiz on the Block”
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