Song Joong Ki Captivates at the Photoshoot for the 76th Cannes Film Festival 

Song Joong Ki shines at the photoshoot held on May 22nd at the Majestic Cannes on the beach of the Cannes Barrier.

On May 22nd (local time), an interview for “Hopeless,” an attention-grabbing film at the 76th Cannes International Film Festival, took place at Majestic Cannes on the beach of the Cannes Barrier. Actors Hong Sa Bin, Song Joong Ki, and Kim Hyung Seo (Bibi) attended the event.

Song Joong Ki and the cast of “Hopeless” arrived at Cannes two days early, preparing for their appearance on the red carpet event on May 24th.


On May 23rd (local time), “Hopeless” will have its world premiere in Cannes. Afterwards, the film is scheduled to participate in the official events of the festival, including the red carpet and photo calls.

“Hopeless” is a noir drama that depicts the story of Yeon Gyu (played by Hong Sa Bin), a boy who wants to escape from a hellish reality and ends up getting involved in a dangerous world after meeting the mid-level boss of an organization, Chi Geon (played by Song Joong Ki).


In particular, Song Joong Ki joined the cast of “Hopeless” without a guaranteed salary as he deeply related to the film’s concept. There is also high anticipation for rookie actor Hong Sa Bin in a lead role. 

The main cast of “Hopeless” will make their debut on the Cannes stage the next day and is drawing attention as to whether they can captivate filmmakers from around the world with their performance.

Source: nate

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