Song Hye-kyo & Jang Ki-yong’s “Now, We Are Breaking Up” draws overseas viewers’ attention

The popularity of SBS’s Friday-Saturday drama “Now, We Are Breaking Up” (writer Jane/director Lee Gil-bok/creator Kang Eun-kyung) is unusual. It is receiving an enthusiastic response not only in Korea but also abroad.

Now, We Are Breaking Up” is a sweet, salty, sour and bitter breakup actually written as “goodbye” and read as “love”. It is a work that combines writer Jane’s deep melo sensibility, director Lee Gil-bok’s dazzling visual beauty as well as the passionate performance of Song Hye-kyo (Ha Young-eun) and Jang Ki-yong (Yoon Jae-guk).

Now, We Are Breaking Up”, which aired up to episode 4, is cruising with stable ratings. In episode 2, the highest viewership rating soared to 10.5% for a moment. Recently, the small screen on the weekend is the biggest battleground of masterpieces. Most channels are competing fiercely for ratings by organizing major works on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. In this situation, “Now, We Are Breaking Up” is maintaining its viewership numbers without any big drop.

Now We Are Breaking Up draws overseas viewers’ attention

The drama’s number of views on SMR Clip is also high. “Now, We Are Breaking Up” surpassed a total of 11.5 million views on SMR clip even though only four episodes were aired. These days, when content has increased exponentially, it is not easy for a single drama to surpass 10 millions. Officials say that the record of “Now, We Are Breaking Up” is very unusual. Above all, the drama is by far the most viewed among weekend dramas. It overwhelms its competitors with its high number of views.

The drama also becomes a hot topic. According to Good Data’s analysis, “Now, We Are Breaking Up” topped the list of TV dramas’ search responses for the second consecutive week. Song Hye-kyo, the main actress of this melodrama, topped the list of drama stars for the second consecutive week. In addition to related search terms, items used in the drama are sold out one after another. “Now, We Are Breaking Up” also proudly topped VOD service site Wave’s weekly ranking (November 15th to November 21st). It is also at second place in Coupang Play.

Now We Are Breaking Up draws overseas viewers’ attention

Overseas reactions to the drama are heated as well. On the video platform ViKi, “Now, We Are Breaking Up” topped the top five markets, including Europe, South America, North America, India and Oceania. In addition, in the case of Viu, which provides global streaming services, the drama topped in various Southeast Asian countries, including Hong Kong and Thailand. In addition to the rising influence of Song Hye-kyo and Jang Ki-yong, who are highly recognized overseas, overseas interest in the drama is also increasing.

Meanwhile, “Now, We Are Breaking Up” has now begun its specific melodrama narrative. The drama airs every Friday and Saturday at 10 p.m.

Now We Are Breaking Up draws overseas viewers’ attention

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