SNS messages left by junior singers after watching IU’s concert… Some even shed tears

Junior idols showed their respect for singer IU, who is so well-loved by not only the public but also many colleagues in the entertainment industry.

IU’s concert “2022 IU CONCERT” was held at the Main Stadium of Jamsil Olympic Stadium in Seoul on the 18th and 19th of September.

IU’s fellow actors, including Lee Joon-gi, Kim Soo-hyun, Lee Joo-young, etc., came to watch her concert and left some proof shots. Many famous idols were also spotted in the audience of IU’s concert.

IU concert

Including the concert guest ITZY, various singers, such as Rothy, BIBI, TXT members Beomgyu and Soobin, DIA Yebin, etc., expressed their feelings after watching IU’s concert.

IU concert

Singer Rothy left a long review on her Instagram, starting with “I’ve been walking home for an hour and a half with a touching and shocking heart”.

She continued, “At the end of today’s concert, I felt something so clear and teared up for some reason. At some moments, I just exclaimed ‘Ah, this is it’ without knowing”, recalling her feelings at the concert.

IU concert

Revealing that she gained more courage to pursue her dream after watching IU’s concert, the singer said, “I also want to convey sympathy to my Bloomings (fans) in the language of songs”. Rothy confessed that she wanted to be a singer like IU, who can become a role model for fans.

VIVIZ’s Eunha talked about her experience of watching IU’s concert through the fan communication app Universe.

IU concert

“I want VIVIZ to become more successful and grow even more to show an amazing performance like this”, Eunha said. She then poured out compliments for IU’s singing skills as well as the stage settings.

SinB, who is working together with Eunha in the group VIVIZ, also said that she was deeply impressed by IU’s performances and thought that she should work harder on the stage. 

TXT member Beomgyu wrote a review right after watching IU’s concert through the fan communication app Weverse.

IU concert

Beomgyu, who is known to have tried to hold back his tears a few times while watching the performances, said, “So this is how MOAs feel when they come to see our concert”, showing his deep sympathy with the feelings of fans.

In addition, ITZY member Lia was seen expressing her admiration for senior singer IU through Bubble. She said, “IU sunbaenim is so cool. I should become a person like her. She’s a very nice and warm person who doesn’t show much on the outside but takes care of everything from behind.”

IU concert

Meanwhile, IU surprised everyone with her confession at the concert. She said, “I had a small problem with my ears earlier and I had been preparing for this concert with a nervous heart”. In fact, IU is said to have been receiving treatments at the hospital since last year.

IU concert

She continued, “I had a hellish time from last night to today’s rehearsal. When I started the first song today, I was going on stage thinking ‘Ah! I don’t know what will happen’”, revealing the struggles that she had been enduring herself.

IU concert

Fortunately, IU’s voice was fine on the concert days but her hearing got worse from the second half of Saturday show. Therefore, she carefully confessed to the audiences that she had spent a hellish time during the rehearsal on September 18th. 

IU added, “I came up the stage for the first song while being nervous of not knowing what would happen. I think today’s performance is successful thanks to all of you”, drawing regrets from fans. It is later revealed that IU had actually been diagnosed with Patulous eustachian tube,

IU concert

Patulous eustachian tube is a disease with abnormal symptoms, such as the feeling that your ear is clogged and a ringing sensation of one’s own voice in the ear, as it is impossible for the tube that connects the middle ear space and the nose behind the eardrum to open and close. 

Many fans were deeply sad and worried as IU belatedly confessed the problem with her ears. 

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