SM “Choi Min-ho got injured while filming the new movie, will return after full treatment”

Singer and actor Choi Min-ho was injured while filming the movie ‘Jangsari 9.15’

According to SM Entertainment, Min-ho had received a scratch on the left side of his face while filming the movie “Jangsari 9.15’ in Yeongdeok yesterday. “He was immediately taken to the emergency room to receive treatment. We will make sure to keep watch of the result.”

SM continued, “Due to the preparation for the movie and the travel schedule, the film crew is going to take a rest for about 3, 4 days anyway. The filming schedule will be continued when we have to make sure that Min-ho has fully recovered.”

‘Jangsari 9.15’ is a movie based on a true story behind the success of the Incheon landing operation, in which Choi Min-ho takes the role of Choi Sung-pil, the main leading role of the student soldiers. Choi Sung-pil is a student soldier who participated in the war and is a leader who takes the initiative and set an example for others. Besides Choi Min-ho, actors Kim Myung-min, Kwak Si-yang, Ki Sung-chul and Megan Fox also participate.
‘Jangsari 9.15 will be released in 2019.

Source: Xsports

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