Rosé’s pre-debut photo looked surprisingly similar to Baek Yerin

The most special thing is that both Rosé (BLACKPINK) and this female singer were born in 1997.

Recently, Korean netizens reviewed a series of old predebut photos of Rosé (BLACKPINK). In this series of photos, the main vocalist of BLACKPINK wa just a 16-year-old girl who has a passion for music and was not as outstanding as she is now.  However, those photos are still loved because of Rosé’s innocence and cuteness.

Through this series of photos, Knet suddenly realized that Rosé was the “lost sister” of singer Baek Yerin – a former “digital music monster”, a treasure from JYP Entertainment.  Netizens have compared predebut photos of the two girls and realized they were surprisingly similar, from eyes, chin to lips.  The most special thing is that the two female singers were born in 1997.

Below the post, netizens left many comments such as: “It is true they looked alike”, “Now they are different, but if You say they are sisters now, I also believe”, “They are  Both sing very well and are talented singers “,” Both successful puberty, now extremely beautiful “… 

A series of photos comparing the similarities of the two female singers were also posted by Knet

Rosé and Baek Yerin were both born in 1997 and are both highly regarded vocalists in the Korean music industry.  

Both girls are “successful puberty”, turned into beautiful girls when they reach adulthood. If Rosé is a cult beauty of BLACKPINK, Baek Yerin is also very loved for her powerful voice and pretty face.

Sources: k14

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