NewJeans joins BIGBANG and 2NE1, 3rd Kpop group with 3 songs topping Melon 

Rookie girl group NewJeans has secured yet another outstanding achievement on the latest Melon’s weekly chart. 

According to the recently released weekly chart of Korean music platform Melon, NewJeans have taken up all Top 3 positions with “Ditto”, “OMG”, and “Hype Boy”. With this achievement, NewJeans has become the 3rd Kpop group and the 6th Kpop artist in history to manage such a feat. 

In fact, it has been 8 years since the last time all Top 3 songs on Melon’s weekly chart belong to the same artist. Regarding Kpop groups, this has only happened to 2NE1 in 2010 and BIGBANG in 2015. 

newjeans melon
NewJeans took up all Top 3 positions on Melon’ weekly chart 
2ne1 bigbang melon
2NE1 and BIGBANG are the only other Kpop groups to have managed such a feat 

In addition, NewJeans, alongside 2NE1 and BIGBANG, are the only Kpop idol groups to have 4 different songs in the Top 10 of Melon Weekly Chart at the same time. Even more coincidentally, the 4th song of 3 groups, which are NewJeans’ “Attention, 2NE1’s “It Hurts”, and BIGBANG’s “BAE BAE”, all landed in the 7th position. 

newjeans inkigayo thumbnail
NewJeans are attaining unimaginable results despite being a rookie girl group. 

Source: Melon

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