Netizens were shocked by TWICE Tzuyu’s beauty in her first solo magazine photo

The pictures of TWICE Tzuyu in the magazine received a lot of praise from netizens.

On September 28, L’Officiel Malaysia and Singapore magazines announced Tzuyu (TWICE) as the cover face for the October issue. The teaser for Tzuyu’s photo series was also released on Instagram by L’Officiel. Fans expressed their joy because this is Tzuyu’s first personal pictorial shooting schedule since debut. The keyword #TzuyuXLofficiel also entered the top Twitter trend globally with more than 70,000 tweets.

In the first photo posted by L’Officiel Malaysia, Tzuyu appears in a mature concept, with her hair tied down lovingly. Despite scoring points for her beautiful face, Tzuyu still received some disparaging comments about the way she poses. Netizens think that she does not know how to exploit her beauty, and does not have high fashion qualities. Tzuyu’s standing posture was criticized for “necking”, “humpback”, uncomfortable, “unnatural”. In general, the Taiwanese female idol still can’t escape the “beautiful but stiff” stereotype that netizens have long attributed to her. In addition, the bulky outfit also made Tzuyu’s tall figure “decreased” significantly.

Fans still think that Tzuyu shines in her first solo magazine photoshoot. In the behind-the-scenes video of the Singapore version of L’Officiel, the JYP beauties exploded in visuals in a whole red outfit. Tzuyu’s sharp and gentle beauty is a characteristic, hard to confuse with other female idols. Somebody affirmed that Tzuyu is not photogenic but when watching you the video, you will know how gorgeous she is.

twice tzuyu
Tzuyu impresses with her “ecstatic” beauty in the behind-the-scenes video.
twice tzuyu
The concept of red lipstick suits the female idol’s beauty very well.
twice tzuyu
Netizens think that Tzuyu is quite “stiff” in the photos, but in the behind the scene video, her beauty is much more lively and attractive.

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