“Educate your kids”, Netizens flock to leave negative comments on SNS of “Street Dance Girls Fighter” ClueC’s parents

Mnet’s ‘Street Dance Girls Fighter’ dance crew, ClueC, is facing a backlash after showing “dirty play” in a mission. 

All members of ClueC locked their SNS due to malicious comments, but netizens are flocking to leave malicious comments on their parents’ SNS. 

Street Dance Girls Fighter ClueC

On December 29, on an online community, a netizen shared screenshots of the Instagram comment section of ClueC leader Lee Chae-rin‘s parents that are taken over by comments such as “You’d better educate your child. Please teach her to be a better person. If she wants to be a dancer in the future, she shouldn’t live like that”, “ClueC went a bit overboard this time”, “Chae-rin’s mother… Please educate Chaerin… If she wants to succeed, she needs to have good manners first”.

netizens comments

Lee Chae-rin‘s parents are responding by deleting all the hateful comments. As of 7 pm KST on December 29, there were only comments like “Please don’t post malicious comments” left. 

The controversy over ClueC‘s manner erupted after the broadcast of ‘Street Dance Girls Fighter‘ on December 28. Specifically, ClueC took advantage of the ‘choreography swap’ rule, where one group has to do the dance moves choreographed by the other group without modification, to harm the opponent crew, Squid

netizens comments

ClueC gave Squid a weird and funny crab dance. When Squid questioned, “Is this the correct choreography?”, ClueC confidently replied, “That’s the point dance move.” ClueC also showed an uncooperative attitude with Squid later. 

The result of the battle was ClueC‘s victory. However, the crew was called out by mentor Monika, “I have something I want to tell you. It is true that this is a competition, but you are not going up by stepping on others. You should win with your skills.”

She continued, “This might be a joke for some teams, but a serious battle for others.”

netizens comments
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