Netizens continued to criticize the way ITZY’s cordi dressed Yuna, who is still a minor, with net stockings and a chest exposed dress

Controversies over ITZY’s Yuna’s outfit on a music show continue to aroused more intensely.

On September 24, ITZY appeared on KBS’s music program “Music Bank”. After the broadcast, the members took photos in their stage costumes and uploaded them on ITZY‘s official Instagram.

In the released photos, Yuna wore a black tube top dress with a black see-through top part that clearly shown her chest lines. Moreover, Yuna completed her stage outfit with lace-up work boots with mesh stockings with cuts in the front part of her legs.

However, Internet users were shocked seeing to see Yuna wearing such an inappropriate outfit that overexposed her body.

This photo was spread widely on various online communities and immediately received hundreds of comments. Criticisms over the outfit worn by Yuna, who is still a minor, have been pouring out.

Netizens responded negatively by commenting, “Why did they dress a minor like that?”, “The holes on her mesh stockings and the chest top exposure are too much.”, “She should wear something else rather than this dress which has a deep cut that reveals her chest. This outfit is unsuitable for her.”

Meanwhile, Yuna was born in December 2003 and is 19 years old in Korean age this year. However, because her birthday has not yet passed, she is still considered a 17-year-old girl and is currently attending Hanlim Arts High School.

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