Nam Tae-hyun posted a long post on his SNS and suddenly deleted it, “It breaks my heart”

Singer Nam Tae-hyun (28), who was at the center of controversy after the exposing post of his girlfriend Seo Min-jae (29), a former member of “Heart Signal 3,” posted a long post on SNS and suddenly deleted it.

Nam Tae-hyun posted on his Instagram on September 3rd, “It breaks my heart. I’ll never be able to see you again. There’s nothing I can do for you now. Where are you going? I’m sure you’ll be happy there. You will only be smiling beautifully from now on.”

He wrote, “I have to get drunk every day and force myself to cover my ears. Before I know it, my heart is crying and when I close my eyes to forget, I can’t remember yesterday. Were you the same as me?” and “When we meet again after some time, I’ll tell you a lot of stories that I couldn’t tell you back then. I’ve been busy living and I always miss you all the time. I’m glad you look happier. I’ll be by your side from now.”

Nam Tae-hyun

Nam Tae-hyun went on to say, “You’re smiling everywhere you go, and I knew the pain behind that smile. I vaguely thought, ‘I’m sure they are doing well.’ Because you look like so. I know it’s too late, but I’m so sorry,” he said. “My dear friend. I won’t forget you, eternally.”

The caption is part of the lyrics of the song “To My Friends” released by the band South Club in 2020. The South Club is the band to which Nam Tae-hyun belongs.

This is Nam Tae-hyun first post on SNS since he posted an apology for the exposing post of his girlfriend Seo Min-jae on August 21st. 

However, Nam Tae-hyun suddenly deleted the post shortly after posting in onto his SNS, drawing attention to the behind story.

nam tae hyun

Meanwhile, Seo Min-jae posted a photo with Nam Tae-hyun on her Instagram on August 20th and said, “Nam Tae-hyun is on methamphetamine. There are syringes that he used in my room or the company cabinet. And he beats me,” causing a stir with her shocking post.

Since then, both Seo Min-jae and Nam Tae-hyun have apologized, saying that it was just a quarrel between lovers, but the controversy continued as they did not provide a detailed explanation for the shocking revelation.

Nam Tae-hyun

In the end, the police booked Nam Tae-hyun and Seo Min-jae on charges of violating the Narcotics Control Act.

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