More than 40,000 audiences filled Jamsil Stadium and heated the atmosphere of the 2022 Dream Concert 

“I’m so happy to see handsome and pretty K-pop idol singers in person”, K-pop fans couldn’t hide their excitement for the first offline Dream Concert after three years.

Dream Concert, which is the dream stage of K-pop singers, welcomed audiences to their offline concert hall again for the first time in three years. In the aftermath of Covid-19, the event was conducted in the form of online performances in 2020 and last year. Dream Concert, which was held at 6 p.m on June 18th, attracted 45,000 audiences to gather at the Olympic Main Stadium in Jamsil, Seoul, realizing fans’ keen interest in the event.

dream concert 2022

Lim, a teen audience and a fan of NCT DREAM, shared her feelings, “Actually, I thought offline performances would not be held this year because of Covid-19. I’m so happy to be able to come here and watch the performances. I’m more excited since this is my first time watching an offline concert.

dream concert 2022

Jeon, another teenage fan of NCT DREAM, said, “Being able to see handsome and pretty idol singers at this close distance, I’m feeling so high. I think the best thing about ‘Dream Concert’ is that you can watch performances by various singers in one place”.

dream concert 2022

Kim, a male audience in his 20s who has just been discharged from the military at the end of this year, expressed his excitement, saying “I became a fan of Oh My Girl while serving in the army. I’m really happy that I can watch Oh My Girl, whom I have only seen through music videos, in real life”, adding, “I really want to watch the performance of my favorite song ‘DUN DUN DANCE’.

oh my girl dream concert 2022

Jung, a female fan in her 20s, smiled and said, “I sometimes got bored when watching online performances. This is my first time being at an offline concert hall. That’s why I’m really excited because the on-site atmosphere is so amazing”.

laboum dream concert 2022

Cheering banners hanging around the concert hall are the signature and must-see things at Dream Concert. Through cheering banners with messages, such as “In our imagination, Laboum”, “Weeekly! Daileees are here!”, “Hold your breath until IVE comes”, “WEi, RUis have come”, “AB6IX is the SAVIOR of ABNEW’s hearts”, “KINGDOM has come. Open the door”, “Hello our spring, miracle, first forever Oh My Girl”, etc., each fandom shows their individuality and extraordinary love for their favorite singers.

Song, a female audience in her 20s who visited the concert hall with the lightstick of NCT DREAM, shared, “What makes DREAM CONCERT so unique, unlike a solo concert, is that it is where you watch it while showing off the energy of your favorite singer among other artists.

nct dream dream concert 2022

This year’s lineup for DREAM CONCERT included 27 groups: Golden Child, CLASS:y, Drippin, Dreamcatcher, TAN, LABOUM, Lightsum, Red Velvet, VICTON, StayC, CIX, IVE, AB6IX, NCT DREAM, NMIXX, Elris, Oh My Girl, Younite, Wei, Weeekly, Lee Mu-jin, EPEX, Kingdom, Kep1er, Cravity, TRENDZ, Pentagon, etc. NCT’s Do-young and IVE’s Ahn Yu-jin were the MCs for the event.

Idol groups were also excited because it has been so long since they last performed in a huge concert hall with this many audiences. 

Red Velvet said at the red carpet event, “We missed the audience’s shouts and ‘crowd-singing’. We hope you can dance and sing along with us.”

ive yujin dream concert 2022

Among rookie singers, many of them were new to the “Dream Concert”.

STAYC shared, “It’s our first time at the Dream Concert. We’re overwhelmed to be with a lot of spectators.” NMIXX also confessed, “This is our first time appearing at the ‘Dream Concert’. We’re happy to be able to perform in front of you.

As K-pop singers’ performances continued without a break, the heat of the concert hall became hotter and hotter. The participating teams showed off their charms by performing their respective representative songs. Fans who visited the scene with different colorful lightsticks enjoyed performances like a K-pop comprehensive gift set in the festive atmosphere.

kep1er dream concert 2022

Viewers had to watch the concert with a mask on, but “singing along” was possible. About an hour after the concert started, it rained a little, but fortunately, it stopped after a short period of time.

Spectators were also able to enjoy special stages that can only be seen at the “Dream Concert”.

Cravity performed EXO’s “The Eve” while Jihan (Weeekly), Kim Chae-hyun (Kep1er) and Haewon (NMIXX) covered IU’s “Strawberry Moon”. Kim Yo-han, Yoo Yong-ha (WEi), Cha Jun-ho, Hwang Yun-seong (Drippin), Lee Eun-sang (Younite) and Keum (EPEX) collaborated to perform MONSTA X’s “Love Killa”, exuding a different charm.

dream concert 2022

The concert, which started at 6 PM, ended well after 10 PM. The last stage of the concert was decorated by all the performers as a tradition of the “Dream Concert”. 27 teams sang Girls’ Generation’s “Party” and EXO’s “Love Me Right” together to decorate the end of the “Dream Concert” splendidly.

This year’s “Dream Concert” was co-hosted by the Korea Entertainment Producers Association (Chairman Lim Baek-woon) and the Korea Tourism Organization (Acting President Shin Sang-yong). The Korea Entertainment Producers Association made efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and prevent accidents by deploying more security, safety and guidance personnel in place than when the event was held offline 3 years ago.

ive dream concert 2022

The concert was broadcast live through K-pop content platforms K-pop Click and KT seezn. In Japan, the video transmission service dTV exclusively broadcast live the red carpet and scene of the “Dream Concert”. The TV music channel MUSIC ON! TV will air the filmed broadcast on June 19th.

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