MONSTA X Minhyuk reveals buzz-cut on enlistment day, 2nd member to enlist

Minhyuk, a member of boy group MONSTA X, is enlisting in the military as an active-duty soldier on April 4th. 

Minhyuk will enter the training center on April 4th, complete basic military training, and serve as an active-duty soldier. He is the second member of MONSTA X to enlist, following leader Shownu, who enlisted in July 2021.


Last month, Minhyuk personally announced his enlistment news through MONSTA X’s official fan cafe, saying, “I won’t be able to see you often for a while as I fulfill my national defense duty. I feel sad that I can’t do things that Monbebes (fandom of MONSTA X) like for a while, such as chatting, uploading photos, live streaming, and other activities. Besides this, I am going to come back with a happy heart.”

The male idol also added, “I’m already excited to receive more love from Monbebes as a cooler Minhyuk after using this time to become stronger. And, I’m not going far away, so don’t be too sad. I don’t want Monbebes to be too sad.” 


At the same time, he also expressed his gratitude for the overwhelming love he received and promised to return as a healthy and cool person.

On April 3rd, the day before his enlistment, Minhyuk shared a photo of his buzz-cut through MONSTA X’s fan cafe and SNS. Despite the hairstyle, the male idol maintained his youthful appearance, showing off his unchanging visuals. 

Minhyuk also added the humorous caption, “Turned into a potato.”


Following MONSTA X’s tradition, member Kihyun, who will be the next to enlist, helped Minhyuk with his haircut. Minhyuk also shared a photo taken with Kihyun, while Kihyun posted a photo with Minhyuk, saying, “Take care of yourself and come back healthy. Monbebes will be waiting.”

Prior to his enlistment, Minhyuk left numerous gifts for his fans. In particular, he hosted Naver NOW.’s “VogueShipShow Season 2” until February as a solo host and presented a collaborative exhibition with a brand at the end of last month. Recently, personal items of Minhyuk were also auctioned off for his fans, including items such as a palette he used, his first-ever whale drawing, shoes he wore on stage, a whale ring with the same design as his tattoo, and a bag he personally painted. All proceeds were donated to charity.

Meanwhile, with Minhyuk’s enlistment today, MONSTA X will temporarily become a 4-member group, but they are expected to become a 5-member group again on April 21st with Shownu’s discharge from the military.

Source: Daum

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