Lost contact after becoming famous, didn’t show up at the wedding, has Nam Joo-hyuk cut ties with his friend Kangnam?

Evaluations about actor Nam Joo-hyuk are being re-examined one by one as he is embroiled in allegations of bullying his classmate in the past.

In particular, attention is being paid to the remarks on broadcast of singer Gangnam and actor Jang Ki-yong, who are known to be friends of Nam Joo-hyuk.

Kangnam met Nam Joo-hyuk on JTBC’s ‘Welcome Back to School’ in 2014. They got closer rapidly after he called Nam Joo-hyuk “Na Myeon-ju” by mistake.

They became close enough to post pictures taken together on their social media for a while. However, this friendship didn’t last long.

Kangnam announced that he had lost contact with Nam Joo-hyuk on KBS2’s “Discovery of Family” in October 2017. When asked if he was close to Nam Joo-hyuk, he said, “I haven’t heard from him since he became famous. I’m sure it’s because he is extremely busy,” he confessed.

After that, Nam Joo-hyuk has also missed the wedding of Gangnam and former speed skater Lee Sang-hwa in October 2019. As a result, some speculated that Nam Joo-hyuk may have cut ties with Gangnam.

Jang Ki-yong, who had made friends with Nam Joo-hyuk as they are from the same agency, also said that Nam Joo-hyuk has changed since he became famous. In 2015’s “Welcome Back to School,” he said, “I’m working in the same agency as Joo-hyuk. Joo-hyuk has risen a little after a year of promoting. He seems to have lost his early determinations after that,” he said.

On the other hand, there are also good evaluations about Nam Joo-hyuk. Actor Park Byung-eun, who worked with Nam Joo-hyuk in the movie “The Great Battle,” said in a round interview, “We cooked something in Nam Joo-hyuk’s room and we didn’t even clean up afterward. He said it was okay even though we piled up a lot of trash. He’s really nice.”

A staff who has worked with Nam Joo-hyuk also said on Money Today, “Nam Joo-hyuk was a careful and caring friend, unlike his appearance,” adding, “He is not the type to hit anyone or talk recklessly. He was famous for always being considerate and respectful of other staff in the field,” they said.

Regarding the recent allegations, he said, “I had no idea. I can’t imagine it at all,” they claimed.

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