Lee Seung-gi: “I have even set a date for a nose job and pay the deposit…”

Lee Seung-gi confessed that he once considered getting a nose job. 

In SBS’s national youth counseling project “Circle House,” which aired on March 24th, Lee Seung-gi said he was satisfied with his appearance, but admitted that he had thought about nose plastic surgery before.

Lee Seung-gi-Circle House

On the show, Oh Eun-young, Lee Seung-gi, Noh Hong-chul, and Lee Jung answered that they were all satisfied with their appearance. Han Ga-in admitted that she was often told that she was pretty while growing up, but surprised everyone by saying that “I don’t think I’m ugly, but I’m not satisfied with myself.”

Lee Seung-gi-Circle House

Lee Seung-gi said, “After my enlistment  in the military, my nose is so…. I have thought that I would have to try getting a nose job once. I thought that I had put up with it a lot. This wouldn’t do. That my acting skills would improve after getting it done. I went to the bathroom every day whenever I have time (to look in the mirror). It will show, right? I even set a date,” confessing that he once thought about getting a nose job.

Lee Seung-gi-Circle House

When Oh Eun-young asked, “What about the deposit money?” Lee Seung-gi said, “After making a reservation. I couldn’t tell my company. I thought I had to do it secretly. Since they said it won’t be obvious, I has thought I had to do it. But after much consideration when I got home, it wasn’t like I had been living off my appearance, so I decided not to do it and let’s just do some workout.”

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