Lee Sang-soon goes on a coffee tour in Busan amid controversy over his Jeju cafe

Singer Lee Sang-soon revealed how he has been on a coffee tour in Busan.

Lee Sang-soon posted several coffee photos through his Instagram story on July 18th.

For each photo, he wrote, “First coffee on the Busan coffee tour”, “Second coffee”, “Delicious café au lait”, “Third coffee, Gesha”, “Fourth coffee is full of caffeine, Lemonade” and “Cheer up, the last coffee.”

Above all, you can get a glimpse of the extraordinary love for coffee of Lee Sang-soon, who recently caused controversy by opening a cafe in Jeju. Lee Sang-soon’s cafe attracted so much attention that it closed 12 minutes after opening on the second day as a large crowd gathered.

In particular, as singer Lee Hyo-ri, Lee Sang-soon’s wife, was spotted visiting the cafe, fans flocked to the area and made it paralyzed due to the long queue. This sparked controversy as some pointed out that it could cause inconvenience to residents.

In this regard, Lee Sang-soon said, “I want to tell you that my wife has nothing to do with this cafe. I’ve liked coffee for a long time. I’ve been preparing carefully for more than a year.”

Source: nate

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