Kwon Nara Signs Exclusive Contract with Ghost Studio: New Chapter in Acting Career

Singer-actress Kwon Nara has signed an exclusive contract with Ghost Studio, signaling more activities ahead. 

It is recently reported that Kwon Nara has signed an exclusive contract with Ghost Studio, raising expectations for her future acting career.

In particular, Ghost Studio is an entertainment company that represents numerous famous actors such as Joo Won, Soo Ae, Lee Da Hee, Kim Ok Bin, Ryu Kyung Soo, Park Se Wan, Cha Joo Young, Lee Eun Saem, and more. The company not only focuses on talent management but also expands its business scope to include drama, film, OTT production, webtoons, and new media content.

Kwon Nara

Firstly, Kwon Nara made her acting debut in 2017 with the drama “Suspicious Partner,” showcasing both stable acting skills and potential. Subsequently, in “My Mister,” she garnered praise for her role as Yura, an actress who withstands the weight of life in her own way.

Furthermore, Kwon Nara portrayed So Geum in the drama “Doctor Prisoner,” initially emitting cold charisma but revealing profound emotional performances. In the same year, she solidified her position as an actor by receiving the Rookie Award at the 2019 Korea Drama Awards and the KBS Drama Awards. 

Additionally, through “Itaewon Class,” she brought to life the multi-dimensional character Soo Ah. In “Royal Secret Agent,” she captivated the audience with her versatile acting, ultimately receiving the Excellence Award at the 2021 KBS Drama Awards.

Kwon Nara

Amidst these achievements, Kwon Nara once again demonstrated her exceptional emotional acting skills through her role as Kim Hwa Yeon, a woman who repeatedly dies and resurrects while being pursued by Bulgasal in the drama “Bulgasal: Immortal Souls.” Undoubtedly, Kwon Nara has firmly established herself as an undeniable acting talent.

Therefore, expectations and interest are focused on Kwon Nara’s future activities as she continues to prove her infinite range of characters after signing with Ghost Studio.

In particular, Ghost Studio is involved in the production of various works, including webtoons and OTT series, and is actively working to elevate the status of K-contents in the global market. 

Source: Daum

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