Korean netizens point out five idols that are likely to belong to the LGBT community

Not only do they support the LGBT community, these female celebrities are also likely to enjoy homosexuality as observed by netizens.

Taeyeon (SNSD)

Taeyeon once said that gender is not a barrier when she likes someone. On October 11th 2016, Taeyeon posted a rainbow image on her personal page with #lovewin hashtag.

Many fans also found out that she follows many accounts that support LGBT on her Instagram. Netizens speculate that Taeyeon‘s sexual orientation may be lesbian or bisexual (both male and female), as she has dated Baekhyun.

However, the evidence is not enough to make any speculation about Taeyeon‘s gender, she is likely to be a strong supporter of the LGBT community.  However, SONEs are always ready to support, and protect Taeyeon whoever she loves.

lgbt 4
In Taeyeon’s 100Q&A at SM when she was a trainee, Taeyeon did not hesitate to support same gender relationship.


IU is also one of the supporters of the LGBT community in Korea. She even released the song “Everyone Has Secret” featuring Gain with the lyrics about the fear and pressure of homosexuals when they have to hide themselves for a long time. Many netizens think the song is not only just a voice for LGBT community, but also a “narrative” for IU. However, that was just the thoughts of netizens because before that, IU dated Chang Ki Ha.

lgbt 6
lgbt 7
IU has written a song about the LGBT community.

Amber (f(x))

Many netizens think that the tomboy style that she owns is not the image forced by SM, but it’s her real self. Many fans admitted that when they first saw Amber, they had a crush on her because Amber was so attractive. Some have revealed that they have seen Amber at gay clubs and bars.

lgbt 8 1
lgbt 9
Amber is one of the K-pop idols that have the most fangirls.

Yuri (SNSD)

Many people have suspected that she belongs to LGBT community when Yuri had dating rumors with the popular actress Son Ye Jin. Son Ye Jin and Yuri‘s relationship began to appear on SNS in 2013, but at that time, the names of the two were mentioned in letters like A and B. Even when the rumor has settled down, recently, netizens unknowingly discovered Yuri and Son Ye Jin wearing couple hats when SNSD was filming the “Girl Forest” show in France and Son Ye Jin was also traveling to France with her friends.

lgbt 10


This girl is a talented rapper coming out of “Unpretty Rapstar”. Cheetah has also made many netizens conclude that she is homosexual when she published her overly intimate photos with another girl (later known to be Cheetah‘s manager). However, instead of being bashed, people support the two having a date.

lgbt 12
lgbt 13
lgbt 14
Netizens still support the couple.

Compared to other countries in the world, Korea is still a country that is strict about LGBT. However, the perception of young people in this country is much more open to the issue thanks to the support of influential artists such as SugaRM (BTS), IU, Taeyeon, Chanyeol ( EXO), etc with the expectation that everyone still has the right to live up to their true identity.

Talking about this sensitive issue, the fans still showed their absolute support for their idols:

– Although he or she is LGBT, we still support them. There is no reason to hate them when they are gay.

– Everyone has the right to live up to their true identity, so do the idols.

– Fans will still support the idols, but Korea is too strict.

– I will support not only my idols but also the whole LGBT community.

The above is the speculation of netizens, so the results may be true or false. And you, what do you think about the evidence that netizens have given?

Source: Yan

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