Korean media criticized the way China treated Tzuyu (TWICE)

Tzuyu, a Taiwanese member of TWICE, is suffering a hard time again.

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However, this time the issue is different from when she waved the flag of Taiwan on a show in 2016 and had to make an official apology. At that time, Chinese fans criticized her for waving the Taiwanese flag, but this time, she is being attacked without any reason. It’s unfair because Tzuyu did nothing wrong but still has to suffer from time to time. It’s hard to find any other place to express the frustration. So what exactly is the issue this time?

On September 2, the Administration of Radio, Film, and Television of China’s broadcasting gave a statement: “ People who appear on broadcasts and Internet viewing platform have to be chosen based on various criteria, such as political acknowledgment, moral behaviors, and social evaluation”. The criteria are different from the Korea Broadcasting Commission. In China, the order of the Administration is law, and people have to follow it unconditionally.

According to various local media reports, including Xinhua News Agency, the Administration ordered to perform strict measures to eliminate the appearance of celebrities who caused social controversy, including illegal behaviors. It is because many issues caused by problematic celebrities have recently been aroused in China. For instance, a former member of EXO cold-heartedly abandoned his group and went back to China to live his own life, but then he was accused of sexually harassing.

Strict regulations to control and restrict the problematic entertainers to appear on screens are good things that Korean broadcasting should learn. However, careful evaluation and examination of the celebrities’ wrongdoings should be carried out to avoid injustice. It’s because the danger of public pressure on celebrities or any netizens is more serious than we may think.

Tzuyu is just Tzuyu herself. At the time of the incident a few years ago, Tzuyu was just a 16-year-old girl. Although many people voiced to defend her, she still received harsh criticisms from the antis. The incident happened when she appeared on MBC’s show “My Little Television”, and during the episode, she had to wave the flag of her country. Literally, Tzuyu just did what she was told to do on the broadcast. But it turned out that people misunderstood her and have been bothering her all the time. What a pity!

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