Kim Junsu was emotional while confessing that he wanted to appear on TV broadcasts

Following many other celebrities, JYJ Kim Junsu also visited Dr. Oh Eun Young for a counseling service.

In the trailer for next week’s episode of Channel A’s show “Oh Eun Young’s Golden Counseling Center” which was released on September 24, Kim Jun Su made a surprise appearance.

In the trailer,JYJ Kim Junsu expressed his feelings, “I want to appear on TV broadcasts. Will any show want to have me join in? Can I even have a chance? I remember I used to cry all night long on my bed.

In response, Oh Eun Young comforted him, “This is a really sad story”. While talking to Dr. Oh Eun Young, Kim Jun Su was so overwhelmed with emotions that he kept on wiping his tears.

Kim Jun Su has been restricted from appearing on TV since he left TVXQ. In 2019, he drew great attention for participating in MBC’s program “House of Sharing”. Last year, he also appeared on TV Chosun’s “Mr.Trot” and EBS Inviting Seat.

When he started again on musical stages, he openly expressed his desire to show up on TV shows as a singer. In every interview, he said, “I haven’t appeared on the media for 10 years. I want to communicate with the public.

Kim Junsu has been done well on stages, at concerts, and in musical plays. However, he still hopes to appear on TC as a normal human being Kim Junsu himself.

The audiences are expecting to see what advice Oh Eun Young will give Junsu in the next episode of “Oh Eun Youn’s Golden Counseling Center”.

Sources: daum

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