Kim Hyun Joong appears at the script reading for his new drama after his scandal with ex-girlfriend

Kim Hyun Joong’s latest photos of the first script reading for his new drama immediately created a buzz in the public community.

Recently, Kim Hyun Joong has appeared very handsome at the script reading for the new film along with In Gyo Jin and Ahn Ji Hyun. Four years ago, the actor of “Boys Over Flower” was involved in a scandal of violence and denial of responsibility to his girlfriend. After a series of sessions lasting about two years, the ex-girlfriend had to get a compensation of 100 million won for Kim Hyun Joong and sentenced to 1 year and 4 months in prison. Despites the unfairness, this rumor still makes the image and reputation of Kim Hyun Joong go down a lot. It is known that the actor had to enlist in order to avoid pressure from the public.

After completing military service, Kim Hyun Joong returned to the showbiz. Recently, the actor joined the crew of “When Time Stops”. This is a film that marks the return of the male star after a 4-year absence. Appearing at the first reading of the script, Kim Hyun Joong looks handsome,and bright.

It seems that the scandal with his girlfriend and harsh criticism from people can not obscure the prominent appearance of Kim Hyun Joong. Kim Hyun Joong’s handsome face at the scene of the script reading surprised many people.

Kim Hyun Joong When Time Stops 2

In “When Time Stops”, Kim Hyun Joong will play Joon Woo, who is capable of stopping time. The film also features Kim Sun Ah (Ahn Ji Hyun) and Myung Woon (In Gyo Jin).

Netizens commented positively on Kim Hyun Joong’s appearance after a long absence:

  • Because of the scandal, his reputation was affected, but his appearance is still the best in Korea.
  • He was handsome before the scandal, but now being vindicated, he just looks better than ever.
  • Hope this movie will succeed to help you regain the reputation. You suffered so much.
  • 4 years of misery, who will compensate for him? Poor him.

Kim Hyun Joong’s beautiful images at the script reading are attracting the attention of many people. Hopefully after the drama airs, Kim Hyun Joong can improve his image in the eyes of the audience.

Sources: yan

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