Kevin Oh and Gong Hyo Jin tell about their love that overcomes fear in the new song “Dawn” 

“Composed by Kevin Oh, written by Gong Hyo Jin” – The sincere and beautiful love story of the two was born into a song.

The pre-released single “Dawn”, which is also the double title track of Kevin Oh’s first full album “Pieces of _”, was released on various online music sites on November 12th.

The song drew much attention even before its release as it was composed by Kevin Oh with his wife – actress Gong Hyo Jin participating in writing the lyrics. Delivering the message that the deeper the love gets, the more we are afraid of its disappearance, “Dawn” contains the wishes of two people who protect their love by looking into each other’s eyes and having stronger faith.

The music video for “Dawn” was also published to maximize the sensibility of the song. The scene of Kevin Oh singing while playing the guitar in a warm atmosphere flutters fans’ hearts. In particular, his sincerity can be felt clearly through the lyrics, such as “It’s like there’s only two of us in this world”.

gong hyo jin

Gong Hyo Jin, who participated in writing the lyrics for this song, also shared her feelings. She said, “I feel so excited and fascinated. I wrote the LYRICS, which is likely to be the first and last attempt, with the strangely sentimental heart I felt when waking up on a long winter night two times.”

Apart from “Dawn”, which contains the eternal love of the two, Kevin Oh is expected to present different music colors and atmospheres through his first full album “Pieces of _”. The album will be released on music sites at 6 p.m on November 15th.

Source: Daum

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