KBS, “Lim Young-woong’s song was not played on radios” – Dispatch conducts a thorough check on KBS’s radio shows… “KBS made a false explanation”

Dispatch pointed out KBS’s false explanation of the controversy over Lim Young-woong’s ranking No.2 on “Music Bank”

On May 18th, KBS’s recently explained that Lim Young-woong got 0 points in the broadcasting category on “Music Bank” because his song was not broadcast on KBS TV, radio shows, and digital contents. Points for “Music Bank” ranking in the second week of May were counted from the 2nd to the 8th. In fact, Lim Young-woong’s song was played on several radios during that period.

Lim Young Woong

KBS’s radio “Exciting Night (설레는 밤)” – May 4th

Sugarbowl: I’ll prescribe you a special medicine for fathers and mothers of this age.

Park So-hyun: What could it be?

Sugarbowl: It’s Lim Young-woong. It’s undeniable. Do you think you can beat him?

Park So-hyun: No. I can’t beat him.

Sugarbowl: Lim Young-woong released a full album this time…

Park So-hyun: Let’s play Lim Young-woong’s “If We Ever Meet Again”

So, KBS gave a false explanation. Dispatch conducted a thorough investigation of 112 KBS’s radio programs during the music show aggregation period (May 2nd ~ May 8th) through their homepages. 

Lim Young Woong

In particular, Lim Young-woong’s new song “If We Ever Meet Again” was broadcast on “Exciting Night” (CoolFM 89.1Mhz) and “Im Baek-cheon’s Back Music” (HappyFM 106.1Mhz) on May 4th. In addition, it was also played on “With Kim Hye-young” (HappyFM 106.1Mhz) on the 7th.

Lim Young Woong

“If We Ever Meet Again” was broadcast on radio shows at least three times during the second week of May but Lim Young-woong did not get a point in broadcasting. Therefore, the scoring calculation of “Music Bank” is so suspicious.

Dispatch reaffirmed the scoring criteria with KBS. “Music Bank” PD stated, “If we disclose which programs and how many points are given to each program in the broadcasting section, K-pop agencies can take advantage of that part. Standards cannot be disclosed to eliminate broadcasting score abuse cases.” 

Lim Young Woong

Of course, “Music Bank” is not a credible music chart. It is just a self-created ranking by KBS. Therefore, KBS has all the rights to give points for the broadcasting. However, the scoring process must make sense. The selection of standards is up to KBS, but the reflection of standards should be fair. If Lim Young-woong’s song was played on KBS FM’s radios, he could not be given zero points.

lim you

What if KBS calculated the broadcasting point of Lim Young-woong accurately? Since Lim Young-woong is far ahead of his opponent – LE SSERAFIM in digital and physical, the results of “Music Bank” ranking in the second week of May are likely to be reversed.

Source: Dispatch

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