KARA Kang Ji-young expressed her warm feeling toward Nicole: “She’s always there”

KARA’s Kang Ji-young showed her affection for Nicole.

On MBN, ENA PLAY’s ‘Scance, not Hocance’ broadcast on the 25th, Ye Ji-won, So-you, Nicole, and Kang Ji-young enjoyed a barbecue party.

On this day, Soyou asked, “I am active as an idol at a young age, Nicole as a singer and Jiyoung as an actress. How do you feel about looking at each other?”

Nicole said, “Jiyoung seems to have matured a lot while acting alone. There is a sense of prudence in everyday life. 

Nicole said, “I think Ji-young has matured a lot ever since she started promoting alone as an actress. There’s usually a hint of caution in everything she does. She doesn’t act rashly, and it’s not that she doesn’t feel like the youngest at all when she was younger, but she rather gives me the feeling of a calm and feminine person.”

“I think I’ve matured because I’ve been doing everything by myself. When I see her acting, I see her various charms,” she added.

Jiyoung said, “Nicole unnie is the same. There is a comfortable sense of security that I feel from her. I feel at ease because she is there without being shaken.” she said. “When I do group activities, I am closer to the members than my family and know each other more. I miss my members when I’m alone.”

Source: daum

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