JYP’s 4 visual generations: Debut since very young, naturally beautiful

JYP is considered a very successful company with naturally beautiful female artists that debuted since they were just teenage girls.

Ahn So Hee (Wonder Girls)

Wonder Girls is JYP‘s first generation female group. Ahn So Hee debuted at the age of 14 and she immediately became the most popular visual in Kpop industry. She has double eyelids, chubby cheeks, cute, and unique appearance . Ahn So Hee is beautiful since she was just a child and it is hard to confuse her with other female artists.

Sohee bt 2

The aegyo action with the verse of “Omona” in Tell Me of So Hee once created a fever throughout Asia. Wonder Girls‘ youngest sister is also a model of many celebrities, including Hee Chul (Super Junior).

Sohee bt 3
Sohee bt 4

After the Wonder Girls’ disbandment, So Hee focused on acting and magazine photography. She once had a memorable role in the film Train To Busan. Thanks to her round face and cute dumpling cheeks, Ahn So Hee looks much younger than her real age.

Sohee bt 5
Sohee bt 6
Sohee bt 7

Suzy (MissA)

Suzy debuted at the age of 15 and is “JYP’s secret weapon”. Miss As youngest sister impresses the audience from the first stage, considered as the “visual shock”. Suzy was the most famous from the beginning, taking up the spotlight on stage and was invested by the company.

Suzy bt 1
Suzy bt 2

From the movie “Architecture 101”, Suzy became Korea’s “national first love”, the popularity of the female singer far surpassed that of the rest of the group, and Suzy began to receive a series of advertising and filming contracts. Her innocent beauty makes her a dream model of many boys.

Suzy bt 3
Suzy bt 4

Suzy has always been the top beauty of Kpop. The JYP star rose to become one of the most successful idols, possessing a huge fortune.

Suzy bt 5
Suzy has officially left JYP

Tzuyu (Twice)

Tzuyu has been the popular visual of Kpop ever since she was a trainee. She debuted at the age of 17, is considered to represent beauty for the 3rd generation idol. Tzuyu inherited the beauty of his mother and has been pretty ever since her childhood. Her beauty also made JYP recruiters fly to Taiwan to invite her to the company.

Tzuyu bt 1
Tzuyu bt 2

Twice’s youngest sister is not only beautiful but she also has a perfect shape and the tiny waistline. Tzuyu is the typical idol with a young face yet with the perfect curve of a Coca bottle. Twice‘s youngest often appears on the search panel every time she participates in the event and receives numerous praises of netizens.

Tzuyu bt 3
Tzuyu bt 4

Shin Yuna (Itzy)

Itzy is JYP‘s newest rookie, expected to represent the 4th generation girl group. The youngest Shin Yuna is chosen for the visual position. From the time she was a trainee, she was expected to become Tzuyu‘s “heir” because of her attractive face and impressive height.

Yuna bt 1
Yuna bt 2
Yuna bt 3

Yuna‘s graduation photos became a hot topic because she was so beautiful. She was born in 2003 and is expected to show a special beauty in 2019.

Yuna bt 4
Yuna bt 5
Yuna bt 6

Source: iOne

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