Jung So Min complains of pain during a poster shoot, “My ribs hurt because the corset is very tight”

Actress Jung So Min revealed her daily life moments at home and at work.

On January 6th, a video titled “Simple but meaningful everyday life” was uploaded on Jung So Min’s Youtube channel “ssomday”.

The released video shows Jung So Min sitting around with her whole family, including her nephew, and eating meat. After watching the total lunar eclipse, the actress spent time playing with her nephew.

After her nephew went home, Jung So Min wrapped up her day, saying “He’s gone. It’s over today, too. The end of the day”.

jung so min

Later, the scene at the poster and teaser filming for Jung So Min’s first play “Shakespeare in Love” was unveiled. After listening to the concept explanation, Jung So Min wore a colorful dress and had a poster shoot.

Surprised by the well-prepared shooting set, the actress exclaimed, “I feel like I’m on a jungle tour”.

jung so min

The poster shoot was followed by a teaser shoot. While monitoring the filming, Jung So Min confessed, “It looks normal, but the corset is very tight after wearing the dress for a long time, so my ribs hurt.” She continued, “My ribs are okay. It’s okay. I can hold out…” as she brainwashed herself.

jung so min

After filming was finally over, Jung So Min looked at the staff congratulating her and hilariously asked, “Is this a festival celebrating the freedom of my ribs?”.

However, there was still filming for the male version left, so Jung So Min took off her dress and changed into pants. In response, Jung So Min expressed satisfaction, saying, “This is comfortable. My ribs are alive.” After finishing filming dressed as a man, Jung So Min said, “The filming is over. Please give it a lot of attention,” promoting the play.

jung so min

Source: Daum.

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