Jessica, Girls’ Generation’s former member, is releasing a new song on August 27

After 2 years, singer Jessica is going to release a new song – “Can’t Sleep”.

Jessica Jung

Jessica will return as a singer after 2 years. On August 27, she will release her new song “Can’t Sleep” on the global music platform “Municon” at 6 p.m.

“Can’t Sleep” is a jazz-ballad song with an easy-listening melody. The song is the first OST for the lifetime reality program “Jessica & Krystal, following your heart” which tells the trip of Jessica and Krystal in the U.S. The song depicts the sad and affectionate heart of a broken-hearted girl who is unable to fall asleep because she is missing her ex-boyfriend.

Jessica’s unique, sweet and appealing voice brought the emotion of sorrow to the beautiful sound of “Can’t Sleep”. This is Jessica’s first new song after 2 years since the release of “Call Me Before You Sleep (feat. Giriboy)” in 2019. Therefore, the song is expected to show the more mature side of Jessica’s voice and her emotional expressions.

Jessica is an all-rounder artist who has participated in a variety of activities. She is loved by many people for having a unique tone of voice and being fashionable. Recently, she has been communicating with fans through her Youtube Channel “Jessica Jung”.

The collaboration song of Jessica and Municon – “Can’t Sleep” – will be released on various online music sites at 6 p.m on August 27.

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