Jeon Somi flaunts her unexpected “best friend”, who is a Kpop idol from a different agency 

The unexpected friendship of solo artist Jeon Somi (21) was revealed.

On September 20th, Jeon Somi posted several photos of herself on Instagram with only a black heart emoticon.

The photos were taken in the living room, where Jeon Somi can be seen lying down on a large leopard print cushion, at the same time exuding an outstanding chic charm and doll-like beauty. 

However, attention was drawn to the person lying next to Jeon Somi – aespa Giselle (21), whose real name is Uchinaga Aeri. In particular, Giselle was covering her face with her two hands, while Jeon Somi looked fondly at her with the brightest smile. Their extraordinary friendship can be felt clearly even through the screen. 

Jeon Somi is a solo artist under The Black Label, a subsidiary of YG Entertainment, while Giselle debuted under SM Entertainment, raising curiosity about how two people from two different agencies become so close. 

jeon somi instagram

Overall, netizens were excited and happy to see Somi and Giselle’s authentic shots, and filled the comment section with heart emoticons, showing their love to this beautiful friendship

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