How did Lisa – Blackpink “riot” Kpop?

With the debut through the product LALISA, Blackpink’s Lisa has “rioted” Kpop with a series of great achievements.

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Most recently, thanks to LALISA’s solo debut, Lisa became the hottest female Kpop idol in September. Specifically, her brand score increased dramatically up to 430.47% compared to August. Lisa’s total score is 5,365,468 for September. Positive – negative reviews show that Lisa received 89.1% of positive responses – a very high number.

Recently, Lisa’s LALISA album sales on Hanteo (Korea’s leading album sales statistics system) have exceeded 730 thousand copies. With this huge number, Lisa has become the female solo artist with the best-selling album in the first week (although ‘LALISA has not been released for less than a week).’

And with the above achievement, Lisa even surpassed the achievements of her group, Blackpink, Jennie and Rosé. In addition, Lisa’s achievements even surpassed the groups that are often at the top of album sales such as IZ*ONE, TWICE… Currently, Lisa is the best-selling female artist in the first week of album sales on Hanteo.

Before that, LALISA also broke the 8-year record held by her senior PSY for the title of the fastest solo MV to reach 100 million views.

Also, thanks to Lisa’s solo debut causing a stir, BLACKPINK’s brand value increased in September. This month, the group reached 3,702,433 points. Compared to August, this score has increased by 14.16%, an important part is thanks to Lisa’s solo debut.

It is known that before the release of MV ‘LALISA’, a large number of viewers subscribed to Blackpink’s YouTube channel. Recently, Blackpink’s YouTube channel has officially reached 66.8 million followers. This means that Blackpink has officially become the artist with the most subscribed YouTube channel globally.

Therefore, 2021 is considered a breakthrough year for Lisa. Many fans hope that the female idol will continue to maintain her form to achieve more new records

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